PDF Link Editor Pro

by PDFLinkEditor

A multi-platform word processor that adds hyperlinks to PDF files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PDFLinkEditor

Release: PDF Link Editor Pro 2.2.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PDF Link Editor Pro is a processor that makes it super easy for me to add hyperlinks to my PDF files; The PDFLEP feature means that I can edit my files without having Adobe Acrobat to make them. I hated trying to do so on Adobe Acrobat. My thoughts turn to links within my files when I try to edit. The cherry has become perfect for me.The editing process is easy, as I simply choose what I'd like to edit, then add hyperlinks within that.

In addition, it has the capability of working in the opposite direction in which undesired hyperlinks can be individually and l work in the opposite direction, in which it can clear any and all undesired hyperlinks individually and also in bulk. Your hyperlinks can be exported into a separate text file that I work with to easily access them from their source files, which I plan to merge. Considering how difficult it was to do that alone with Adobe Acrobat, my statement "It's actually an even blessing" is highly applicable.

On top of that, PDF Link Editor Pro doesn't require Adobe or anything to run. There is no need to install anything after it has been installed because it is entirely standalone. The ability to make it work on a range of devices makes working on the go as much fun as possible. PDF Link Editor makes it extremely easy to use my laptop to complete an order even if it causes me to dread using it - it has forced me to do a lot more of this myself. Almost the second nature of things you do.

You will find plenty of information about this program under its website. It is probably more likely that all issues have been documented in there for you to navigate safely through, with extreme ease. In just minutes, a helpful page on their website led me through everything I needed in order to fix my issues and questions. A tutorial can help a visitor walk through the entire process.

The PDF Link Editor can import and export items in large quantities/bulks!!

  • Replace both individual and/or mass/bulk hyperlinks all at once
  • Completely add fresh hyperlinks in bulk
  • Clear unwanted hyperlinks both individually and/or in bulk with ease
  • Able to extract all hyperlinks in order to have them at the ready without surfing through your PDF(s)
  • Works regardless of whether or not Adobe is installed
Using PDF Link Editor, I no longer worry about cutting hyperlinks or changing them!! All of these tools allow multiple hyperlinks to be processed simultaneously on an issue at any given time. This application is very beginner-friendly, providing all the help you need during your first installation. This app is the ideal tool if, on average, you're often linking a variety of things.
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