PDF Compressor

by Abelssoft

Freeware PDF Compressor utility that reduces the size of PDF files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Abelssoft

Release: PDF Compressor 2.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PDF Compressor for Windows is a free utility software that allows users to reduce the overall size of their PDF files quickly. A user of all skill levels can take advantage of the freeware. PDF Compressor works with both scanned PDF files, and text PDFs obtained online or uploaded. A compression ratio of 10% allows you to reduce the size of a 30 MB file to 1 to 3 MB. Moreover, with just a few seconds of software, the image quality can be preserved no matter how fast it is compressed. This is especially relevant as the PDF Compressor allows users to compress files by the batch, which means you can compress hundreds of files literally at once, and save a considerable amount of time.

The software is very easy to use. Select a PDF file from your computer and hold down the "Compress" button. It will save on it as well. In PDF files, the page will be compressed in an automatic manner. You can see the progress of your job in a progress bar at the bottom of the page. After the end of the implementation, PDF Compressor allows the user to combine both compressed and original PDF files by creating a new folder and defining an entirely new path for the compressed PDF files.

The PDF Compressor for Windows program is absolutely free. This document is only intended for personal use, not for business purposes. The PDF compression software also lets you remove any restrictions on the image as soon as it is compressed, providing you with convenient options for modifying your documents when need to work with images.

The user has reason to want a PDF Compressor. This is usually because larger documents can be attached through email attachments. As well as being inconvenient, PDF files can sometimes overload your computer's storage space. College textbooks, unfortunately, require making PDF files to be uploaded directly on a University of California's public page if needed by students. If the PDF files are too large, they will not send and load without the assistance of Google Drive, Dropbox, or the like. By compressing the files, the user can quickly load the PDFs in an email or on a university's classroom page online.

There are five different compression settings that provide a variety of resolutions and qualities for the PDF file, no matter what it is. PDF Compression is able to adjust five compression settings according to your computer, which are "Screen," "eBooks," "Printer," "Prepress," and "Default." Screen, the lowest compression setting, offers faster browsing and takes up less processing power on your computer, due to the lack Using the eBook setting, which was deemed low-quality until recently, is still effective inCompressing images at medium compression resolution. If you move up to Printer compression, then you are creating a higher quality image at 300 DPI. A Prepress print run can protect the PDF's quality and color with the same high quality and dpi. The last compression setting is your "Default" setting, which allows the user to compress PDFs for an array of uses but has the potential of creating an output file that is larger in size.

When it comes down to it, the five different compression settings are categorized by their compression ratio and the size of the output file once it is compressed. These mean "Screen" is the lowest-quality and highest quality with a dpi above 0. And in all likelihood that "Prepress" is the best quality and largest. PDF Compressor uses an automatic setting on the screen compressor whenever you compress more than one page, a good idea if you plan on doing it multiple times (particularly in larger batches).

Reduces compresses ration up to 10% in both text PDF and scanned PDF files

  • 10% compression ratio
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Five compression settings
  • Freeware
  • Capable of compressing in batches
If you want to try it for free, it is available online. Using this window PDF compressor we can shrink PDF to the size needed if its maximum size is too large. In order to download the window as we finish our work, we will be supplied with it as soon as it is available. As necessary, we can compressor the PDF on the fly. An employee in a company can take advantage of this window software by working with their computers.
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