PCKeeper Live

by Essentware S.A

Simple tune-up by an integrated optimization system, powered by a robust PC optimizer.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Essentware S.A

Release: PCKeeper Live 2.2.2125

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Having gained notoriety as a speed optimization suite, PCKeeper claims to be among the fastest in the business. As a beginner to computers, it does pretty well. The most likely reason for that is that you would not benefit from it if you're an advanced user, as there aren't any new features heck of tools that you've already used for free or won't ever need.

For the rest of you, PCKeeper can do pretty well at optimizing things, as well as providing security. A nice feature is that it will be disabled after installation if you don't opt out. There's a well-All the standard optimization features here, such as disk and file checkers, defragmenters, file shredders, apps uninstallers, file cleaner, duplicates finder and start up helpers, are available. We have all standard things. In the Utilities subsection, you'll find these links.

You can also find anti-virus under the Services subsection.Theft (a tool to help track your computer in case of theft), ZeoDisk (a file storage service that holds up to 3GB of data), and Geek on Demand, where you can find online support.

There are plenty of other programs out there that will clean and optimize your computer better than this will, and for a better price. PCKeeper has a few price points, depending on whether you want to renew every 6 months, yearly, or every 2 years. Despite this, it's much more expensive than most (e.g. $59.The optimizer makes do pretty well as it sees 94 new clients every six months (not exceptional) and does not provide any special features or tools.

Its major features, including Find and Fix, which lets you look at all of your programs and settings one by one, and which is a handy resource for beginners, are what make it stand out. Kromtech certified developers will run those scans and give the users access to information about their In order to create such programs, there's a button labeled 'Fix issue automatically' that lets you do so by simply picking a problem and clicking on it within your system. Those are the very things that make this software useful, so don't forget to use them if you want to buy it. If you don't use this software, you probably did not need it.

Ability to chat with Microsoft certified experts if needed

  • Advice from Microsoft certified experts
  • Intuitive/easy to use
  • 3GB cloud storage
  • Anti-theft technology
  • Multiple price points
What can I say? PCKeeper is the all in one digital tool for me, PCKeeper helps me to keep all aspect of my computer up to date and functioning at peak performance. I can complete task such as checking my disk for errors or faults, I can reduce file size, remove files, uninstall applications, remove duplications of files, and the added benefits of being able to use an anti-virus with PCKeeper is a no brainer for me! I love it!
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