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You can significantly increase the performance and optimization of your computer by installing this software.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CPUID

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Last revision: Last week

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PC Wizard is a utility designed to detect hardware and display information about it to the user. In addition to examining disk drive performance, computer performance, video card performance, memory size, the program can also examine CD/DVD performance.This can be done by using multiple parameters, including video and graphics processing capability as well as compatibility with the hardware in question.

program is able to identify several components and support the latest standards as well. The tool is constantly updated (usually every month) to make sure the results are accurate.

- Connectors, ID strings, MP support) in the bios (PCB/Bindice).

- In the domain of Chipsets (FSB range, norhtbridge, hub, direct media interface, XMB and NSI);

- The following types of memory are used: dynamic RAM (FPM, EDO, SRAM, DDR, and GDDR), eDO, SDRAM, DDR2 asynchronous modules, 2 dual DDR modules, and 2 dual EEPROM units).

- It is composed of one layer of L1, two layers of L2, three layers of l1, L2, L3, size, frequency).

- Type of system, speed, multiplier factor, features, model number, and Vanderpool technology;)

- a coprocessor;


- Buses: PCI, AGP, SMS, SMBus, IC CardBus, Firewire, Hyper-Multiconf, PCI, AGP (2x, 4x, 8x), AGP (2x, 4x, 8x),Transport;


- mainboard sensors, processor, hard disk & battery (voltage, temperature, fan monitoring);

- monitor, model, bios, properties (computer model, BIOS), memory (memory built into a computer, memory), and frequencies);

- OpenGL & 3Dfx specification;

- It includes direct download software, direct3d software, directSound software (3D); as well as music software, broadcast TV, etc.

- keyboard, mouse & joystick;

- A hard disk, a removable media, or a CD (CD) is required.ROM, CDRW, DVD);

- A card, controller, adapter, e, controller, adapter, devices);

- ATA/ATAPI & S-IATA refers to the information about a specific device or type, property, and types of S characteristics.M.A.R.T. , RAID);

- Digital data connections on serials, parallel ports, USBs, and 1394s;

- IDE & SCSI device;

- Twain & WIA devices;

- The PCMCIA device (PC card); ; d: PC card) device;

- The Bluetooth device must have the following components: the radio communication unit, the modem, etc.

- I use a Wave, Midi, Edit, Mixer, codec Definition Audio, High Definition Audio card; a combination of aux, Midi, Edit Mixer, AC'97 codec.

- In addition to computers, printers operate both locally and over a shared network.

- modem (model, speed);

- We recommend network networks (servers, thnet security system);

- security (ports);

- Mobile phones with PocketPCs and SmartTablets.

seems to be an application that gathers data about the hardware on the PC the application is running on. In order to diagnose a computer problem, you can use this option. It is one of the reasons why the application keeps itself operating.In addition, updates themselves can be helpful.
Although it is probably not as fancy as others, it can provide most of the features needed and can be compatible with current standards as well.In no time, the problem with your computer can be fixed.
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