PC Booster

by Inkline Global

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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Inkline Global

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PC Booster is a Russified version of an application designed for diagnosing and optimizing Windows settings. PC Booster allows you to optimize many parameters - The program comes with both the automatic and manual versions of the setup mode, so you can adjust what is used. The program also determines how many data connections are needed in connection, how hard drive you have, how often your hard drive is used, and settings to turn the computer on and can be used as a diagnostic method and as a way to reinsert data into RAM.

To diagnose computer RAM errors, PC Booster is a tool that you should consult with providing 2 methods to check computer memory, especially PC Booster also correctly diagnose errors that can occur with RAM so that you have effective solutions to fix errors or errors. PC Booster designed to assist users in conducting computer scans, from basic information such as time zone, administrator name, operating system and processor to advanced data such as decoder encoder, value CPU and network speed. Hardware testing applications like LinX have a great deal of efficiency as well. LinX is able to perform testing on Intel and AMD CPUs as well as instructions for new users that are provided there. Features of PC Booster software - uch features of PC Booster software - No installation required - If your computer needs to be scanned, set up an automatic report. Identify information from the basics to more advanced levels. Three types of scanning can be performed with different levels of analysis depending on the equipment. Your text file can be converted to reports via our reporting output feature.
has lately been very slow for me. As a result, I doubled my RAM, ran into problems installing some apps, and unplugged several of them entirely. I discovered PC Booster very easily and have already used it twice. The PC that I used previously is again functioning great.
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