PC Auto Shutdown

by GoldSolution Software, Inc

Allows one to set the PC or computer to shut down

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GoldSolution Software, Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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For some unknown reason, the creators of the Windows operating system did not add the ability to automatically shut down the computer after a certain period of time. A small application called PC Auto Shutdown will help to smooth out this drawback. When this is done, you can restart your computer, shut your computer down, or sleep. timers can then automatically be created until none interfer with each other. The virtual dial allows each timer to be tracked using a countdown. If you choose to schedule a time for a performance, or if you choose to activate a timer alert, you will automatically be notified.

Not only that, PC Auto Shutdown allows you to automatically clear temporary files and browser history every time you shut down and reboot. As the interface is so simple, you do not need much time to understand it and you don't have to struggle with it until later. Having such a program in-hand should always be no doubt unnecessary.

A great feature of PC Auto Shutdown is the fact that it prevents the laptop's battery from draining unnecessarily. My computer shuts off after the first hour of the night, so I don't have to remember it to do so. Works great! It's awesome to have PC Auto Shutdown.
Free software recommendation. thermostats and turning the lights on and off, or knowing whether we have received a knock on our door using a different program are examples of programs we currently use. It is getting easier and easier for us to automate. With this software, you can program when your computer begins to display data and when the data disappears. Then you can go ahead and lock up your screen again, restart it or turn it back on. The pain of waiting for a computer to load will not get old any time soon. These tedious issues are easily solved by this tool. You can try it for free now.