Path Scanner

by Parhelia Tools

Enables the user to check for dangerous file paths

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Parhelia Tools

Release: Path Scanner

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A Windows program that displays file paths that are too long or extensive can be used to scan directed file system paths to indicate where to look for extended file paths. Several file paths cannot have an length greater than 25 characters per character, in other words, many files should not be larger than that, so this tool provides the user with lists for which files contain paths for editing.

Presetting limits and minimums ahead of time is permitted, and 255 characters does not come recommended by the program as a length. The path of these files may give you trouble burning disks or synchronizing them with third-party applications because they are so large. There may be a problem with these functions, which is very detrimental for the user. A Microsoft Excel or another CSV reader will make it obvious to open using scanning processes, followed by exporting them. There is an option to export to a CSV list on the export form. You will be extremely pleased with the result of using this system for managing filing paths and CSV file types. If this is not mentioned in your user guide, making a program that is reliable and allowing users to easily synchronize is a huge advantage.


Optimizes other functions such as syncing by shortening file paths which are not desirable in length
  • Scan file paths
  • Files shortened, which are near or over 255 characters.
  • Create a CSV to export your files.
  • Make synchronization easier by having shorter file paths
  • Simple and easy to utilize

For Windows users

It may be challenging to scan hard drives for files with Path Scanner, which makes the work a little easier. Most computers are equipped with Windows and are able to run this application. Installing Path Scanner is simple and easy. In addition, the tool will be updated, providing users with the ability to use it in less than a day. Windows users can utilize Path Scanner and interact with applications in a short timescale.
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