by InsidePro

A software application to manage passwords

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: InsidePro

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WARNING: The development of the program has been discontinued and the latest version is available on our website.

PasswordsPro is a multifunctional program for working with passwords. The creation and storage of passwords is done this way. In any case, it is primarily intended to retrieve hash passwords (most known types of hash files are supported) - During recovery, there is seven type of attacks.

When working with password hashes, PasswordsPro supports almost every conceivable function and operation that may be required.

In addition, plug-There are multiple components supported already in the program:

Dictionary generator for generating dictionaries with passwords from a specified range, as well as for sorting them, merging them into one file, etc.

History of hash overflow.

An online hash generator that helps generate all kinds of algorithms.

Hash queue - A hash is created when you download an.traw.

Replace all asterisks to place some text back.

Search for an NTLM password.

Password generator - It generates random passwords based on parameters specified by the user.

Send Passwords - The websites that receive the found passwords are notified.

To simplify things in SQL dump, I'll use an SMTP interpreter. for extracting hashes from SQL dumps in forums.

Text Converter - In our case, converts base64 text to plain text in our way of converting.

My password before this program saved my passwords because I forget the rest, but now I need to think of only one password since I now need this tool for managing my passwords and storing the ones I remember. This software is also a good place to store passwords.
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