Password Storer

by Softromeda, Inc.

users of various accounts to have their passwords stored when needed.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Softromeda, Inc.

Release: Password Storer 6.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Password Storer is ideal for users looking to save their passwords for their various accounts and to do so reliably. By typing various passwords from different accounts into the same browser, you can work without worrying that others will hack into those account files and lose valuable information. In one place, all your useful users and sensitive information can be kept. It is highly valuable for this purpose, and the use of a program such as this should be adopted by all users looking to ensure that privacy and security are kept intact. Keeping a password directory means that users are easily enabled to keep their valuable data in a secure location where it is inaccessible offline.

I would highly recommend Password Storer to all workers and students that need to ensure that their files are not lost via email, or would simply like to keep a backup offline to a separate folder on their drive so that data is not lost. This program is pivotal for this purpose, and I recommend that you look into it as a wonderful and flexible backup utility. I find it to be extremely efficient and useful. By doing so, users are able to do exactly what they need without having to deal with anything other than the website.

With Password Storer, you can store a set of passwords for a multitude of types of accounts, such as Facebook, email, and financial. Moreover, users are reminded that passwords are stored away otherwise rather than in a particular location. By doing so, an account holder can thus safeguard their sensitive information for its sake as well as storage; instead of having passwords memorized in their entirety, their settings may be changed often so that not to memorized and stored in a insecure location such as an unsecure flash drive or password cracker.

Keeps user and file data secure in a single space, reminds to change passwords

  • Safe and secure password storage
  • Change reminders
  • Prevent access with security
  • Simple and free utility
  • Useful for accounts of all types

For Windows users

The password system may be one of our greatest assets because it protects everyone, computers, laptops, etc., which helps avoid that one's password can be modified, like letters, patterns, fingers, faces, voice, etc., for any use they choose. Those things do not come with a security. The software is free to download and very short in memory. Safety plays a very important role with our world today.
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