Password Manager XP

by CP-Lab

A password manager for use on most platforms

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CP-Lab

Release: Password Manager XP 3.3.735

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Password Manager XP is a password manager with today's user in mind. This is a tool designed to keep information secure and stored correctly. To keep your data secure when storing credit cards, PINs, and passwords with all the technologies we are using at our fingertips, you can use a secure version of this program. It lets you create databases from different encrypted passwords so your data is protected.

In addition to its automatic generation and password protection, this password manager also prevents your information from being compromised while you are away from your device.

Password Manager XP is also your go-The process of filling out Microsoft Windows forms online and by using Microsoft programs most commonly. There are several popular browsers that work with it (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera). Android devices can also be used to access your information when you're away from your computer.

Other use of this program is when groups are working on sensitive projects and need access to the same information, as well as when those working on the same projects want to be able to access confidential information and the main login can only be modified by an administrator. If you work remotely and want access to important information, you can use this feature.

With this program, you can access your sensitive information directly on your device by transferring it over to removable media, or by installing it directly on a specific device. For more privacy, you may not need to install every device over again. Your devices will have to spend less time on space if you do this!!


  • High Security
  • Multi-User Compatible
  • Form filler for several browsers
  • Easy to Use
  • Password Generator
Nowadays you'll find many password managers built directly into your browser. For something else we will be using password management in 2021, trvial is a unique app. There is no need to use just a whole other program to manage passwords. You can choose not to use any more passwords from now on, since this makes all your passwords safe, and you can verify that you have security as you rely on it.
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