Partition Table Doctor

by PTDD Group

A useful tool to help you when partitioning your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PTDD Group

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Partition Table Doctor is a very effective solution for recovering the partition structure of a hard disk. It is often used to revive damaged servers except that at least one hard drive was cracked. With this tool, you will be able to check and correct the master boot, partition table, as well as the boot sector within the error-affected partition at no time whatsoever. When power fails suddenly, hard drives typically suffer from structural damage. Viruses are slightly less likely to occur than other types. Symptoms of this problem generally include no data being stored on the disk, and the device behaves as if it were new.

Partition Table Doctor allows you to recover partitions that have FAT16/FAT32/ NTFS/NTFS5/EXT2/EXT3/SWAP file systems of the following types of hard drives: IDE/ATA/SATA and SCSI. A CD boot or an emergency floppy can be used to boot your system. If you need to create a floppy disk or a disk on a specific program using Ctrl + D you should follow these steps. Any disc recording program will be able to record the resulting disc image. A recovery disk containing this can assist in situations in which Windows cannot run as a result of the failure of the hard drive's partition structure.

Among other useful functions, the program offers the following: Fixboot helps restore an empty partition structure, duplicate the partition structure, rebuild the partition structure, or reconstruct the partition structure. Partition configurations can be configured for various parameter variations. Further tools such as utility tools to indicate if the partition is active, hide it, perform disk surface tests, rebuild the master boot record, unlocking the hard disk and editing and copy sectors, undo recent changes as well as others can be added as well.

To date, Windows XP is the latest version in which Partition Table Doctor can be used. As of January 15, 2008, the vendor no longer supports the product. It is recommended to use the free EaseUS Partition Recovery program instead.

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Disk problems or losing files are two reasons many complain about when set up on a RAID or HDD enclosure and using RAID setups. To round out the list, corrupted or lost files are also a problem. It may be a wise move to employ Partition Table Doctor instead. With a user-Users can download the program from the Web as soon as they are started, and using this program is easier than trying to find lost or broken data or copy.It is free, easy to use, and convenient. This is why Partition Table Doctor's anti-corruption and anti-phishing technologies will ensure that no more data will ever be lost, and will eliminate the need for anxiety and worry regarding data
Whenever I open my Windows desktop computer, it throws a drive error. The fact that my data contains such sensible information prompted a great deal of worry. Afterwards, a friend suggested Partition Table Doctor for Windows, and I complied with them. To be sure that my hard drive partition is easily readable, I now extracted every piece of data onto it. In my mind, the software felt like it was a gift from God. The development team who built this software is extremely grateful to me.
My PC was powered by Partition Table Doctor, which I used to save valuable information and data. An error can occur and result in losing all or part of your data on your hard drive. A CD recovery can be created in case the software is defective and the computer fails to boot. free and offers ease-of-use and works well- the user interface is simple and easy.designed.
It was my pleasure to support Partition Table software. We find it easy and very efficient to carry out the works. The process is simple: create a partition, copy and store data, format the ISO, transfer the data to a USB drive, wn a disk, format, ISO, bootable USB all kind of works done easily. The work seemed to be doing it ive wondered those work had done without any interruption.
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