Partition Magic

by Symantec Corporation

Latest partition management software for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Symantec Corporation

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WARNING: The program won't continue to be developed and may not be able to operate for a long time. The latest version is available on our website.

Sometimes, when reinstalling the operating system, the user faces the necessity of splitting the hard disk into several parts or, conversely, merging partitions. Partition Magic is ideal for this purpose. This full-featured application can be accessed here.However, its primary feature is that the maximum size processed by the program is 300 GB. This allows for the content of an object to not change or be deleted when it is intended to be filled out by another person. Partition Magic allows the user to quickly and safely switch between several operating systems installed on the computer. BootMagic is responsible for implementing this feature. You can not only split a hard drive into segments, but you can also combine several partition sets into one using the application. This software is very simple to use and features no more than 200 elements.

Additionally, users can get started from the boot disk and access data stored in different file systems with this program. We should include FAT32, E2, FAT3, and NTFS in the types that are supported. After you've done all the necessary research about Partition Magic, you'll appreciate its built-in presentation better. As a result of the program, if you wish to place an additional NTFS file system partition, no reboot is necessary. Since the entire procedure occurs at once, you are protecting yourself from data loss. Users are able to create backup copies based on their schedules with the program.defined schedule.

If you happen to install Windows directly, this software is going to be the most efficient way of working with partitions. It is possible that Partition Magic runs only correctly in Windows versions XP or older. This feature was developed as part of the policies set forth by the company who recently said that it has opted not to continue work on Partition Magic because user problems prompted it to do so.

- Safe storage and handling of hard disk partitions;

- The data does not get deleted during the course of a tionary this application;

- can be utilized to backup scheduled programs.

- Devices which require USB connections; ouse devices;

- partitions, along with existing ones in one common set;

- operates on 300 GB of partitions;

- The size of a hard drive can require additional memory;

- A computer with BootMagic allows you to switch from one operating system to another.

- A BIOS expansion can be conducted without rebooting your computer and allows you to increase the size of your NTFS partition;.

- Linux is compatible with the two ext2s; support Linux ext2 and ext3;

- has training materials.

The Partition Magic application can be used to create a partitioning of your hard drive. Although this software program doesn't work with more recent versions of Microsoft operating systems, it is compatible with older ones. is not only possible for it to resize, reassign or delete partitions, but it is capable of performing modifications to hard drives as well.
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