Parted Magic

by Parted Magic LLC

A stand alone operating system that helps with hard disk management and optimization.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Parted Magic LLC

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Parted Magic is a Linux-This software provides complete disk optimization and backup capability, and manages all of your hard disk storage, files, and performance.


  • There is no need to install anything.
  • Benchmarks the hard disk so that it is as effective as possible.
  • Data can be completely erased with the overwrite option safely.
  • This device can move, copy or clone your hard drive, eliminate large hard drive volumes and reduce disk usage.
  • Adds options for how many virtual partitions can be cloned and the level of support for both physical partitions and virtual ones.
  • The non-blocking nature of the clone backup allows it to be used to restore data whenever possible.booting systems.
  • As part of the process, this program tests the hard disk for both memory leakage and underperformance.
  • Recovers all files, including those that are not accessed with disk read errors, from Windows passwords.

Parted Magic is a multifaceted operating system that allows users to restore data, clone all or parts of the hard disk, clean up memory, maximize storage space, benchmark hard disk performance and increase performance. feature is its completely independent functioning independently of the hard disk and is usable outside of a completely conventional computer, whether it was running or not.In this case, it failed due to its operation.Safe when crashes happen while a system is running. Parted Magic can restore functionality if it has been knocked out by a crash. A hard disk must undergo a recovery attempt if it is to be used for recovery.

In parted Magic, you can clone all of your data or parts of your hard disk at once and restore all of your data.

Aside from benchmarking, Parted Magic can also be engaged by selecting the main areas of the hard disk that need immediate repair to help prevent crashes in the future. With Parted Magic, you can perform necessary cleaning and optimization of memory, such as erasing external disk partitions and shrinking hard disk partitions. Parted Magic can also overwrite the hard disk to fully erase any data stored on it if it is needed. As an object of random force, every cell of the test is marked empty after it has been overwrited.

You can partition your hard disk drives using this program. Open source Linux distribution with an easy-to-use GUI, that has five different partition types compatible with either Linux or Windows operating systems. While the file used to be available as free, it was later released as a commercial package with features including partitioning and Firefox web browsing.
Although Parted Magic does not launch as quickly as the alternatives, it has easy access to the Gnome partition editor and is equipped with a memory testing utility. Having access to a Good Graphic partition editor and freeware at your fingertips is essential.The cons are there and then there.
Home or office use, Parted Magic for Windows provides one of the most robust hard disk management tools available. My experience using the partition editor was very easy, since the resize, copy, and move features are as advertised. In addition to retrieving my lost passwords, this tool reset them after I tried reset the password. The disk management tool made everything easier to use for home or office users alike.
Great tool. Thanks so much for using it. The tool I have created is awesome. You can, in fact, partition your computer, clone the hard drive, rescue your computer's date, rescue lost data, erase erased, and benchmark your application. We will count them all into in which there are several components. The essential part is making sure your PC runs smoothly and boots no later than a few minutes after the computer is turned on. Enjoy it immediately by downloading now.
Disk Partitioning, data recovery, mirroring, data cloning, and erasing are all done with Parted Magic..There are limited production quantities of 4-GB RAM 64 bit operating system for this computer.
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