Edit core CPU parking settings in real-time

Operating system: Windows

Release: ParkControl

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Last revision: Last week

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ParkControl is a small .This program allows its users to enable CPU core parking and frequency scaling on their computers through the control exe file. When the computer is not in use, certain cores need to be disabled to restart during the power off period. As part of Windows' efforts to make their systems more efficient, it was designed to minimize performance drops. Users of ParkControl have real-CPU power saving enabled by time controlled throttling, giving you full control over which CPU core has to move and which doesn't. Using ParkControl lets users enable or disable its features according to the processes being controlled, a key request many parking utility users have for its flexibility. Upon installation, the default setting is returned to its original state, with no permanent changes.


  • Easy configuration of core parking and frequency scaling
  • Does not require licensure or payment to install and use
  • Can easily revert changes made back to default settings
  • Puts control into the user's hands despite demanding, default software from Windows processors.

Through the use of ParkControl (for Windows) you can increase the performance of your computer according to your demands.It is important to know that power planning within CPU units operates differently. In particular, the time in managing the core CPUs' parking settings varies. uses effectively even in environments that have aggressive performance- This program is easy to use and still maintains an aggressive approach.Windows microprocessor settings are weakened because of this. For many users, it is very important that ParkControl includes a key key feature. For some reasons, some functionality can be enabled and used frequently. As it works similarly to the frequency scaling of throttling, it also allows the setting of a checkboxes for each increase or decrease. Since ParkControl doesn't require payment or licensure, the services are entirely usable.

Most modern computer systems support this system since it is an extremely small system with minimal interference and is designed specifically for reducing the level of productivity.performance, battery-saving default settings.
There is not much at this point, but ParkControl is nonetheless a bit helpful.Record that allows clients to stop and stall their CPU's in their PCs; For when the PC is inactive, settings are altered by impairing certain centers that prevent them from fully being operational. Microsoft is pushing the idea that battery-saving presentations should be dropped when operating on Windows. The function of ParkControl is to control the CPU core stopping continuously, allowing the client to control the decisions of the exhibition and battery productivity tradeoff at any given time through gradual scaling of recurrence rates. The purpose of ParkControl is to let the client define, empower, and impair highlights according to their needs for different procedures, the very thing many utility clients desire from their client base. Upon establishment, there will be no lasting changes to the settings. The default setting will return completely. Highlights: center stopping and recurrence scalability doesn't require licensure or installment, is straightforward and simple to utilize, but you can always change it. You can make changes to defaults settings regardless of whether Windows processors are set up to automatically communicate.
The Park Control software is easily accessed in the Internet by allowing users to park or unpark the unit directly. Furthermore, it provides the option of frequency scaling.A Windows Power Plan's start time may vary based on individual plans. As a result of Bitsum's research that the Windows parking settings were hidden, he decided to create a vehicle that allows a user to hide parking settings from the PC.
Jayden Sturgill
I found it to be an excellent way to optimize the cores of my computer. enabled the option for powering down some cores to increase battery consumption, while maintaining my high standard of computer efficiency. What a great product, and I enjoyed it also.
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