Paragon Backup & Recovery Advanced

by Paragon Software Group

A virtual backup utility to create backups and grab files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Paragon Software Group

Release: Paragon Backup & Recovery Advanced 16.22.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Paragon Backup & Recovery Advanced allows users to effectively work with consumer programs and allows users to create a holistic virtual backup. Digital backups, whether virtual drives or other files, are made by the application. Among its compatibility options with Windows are PVHD, VHD/VHDX, and many others. With the application, users are able to place and work VHD files in a single screen. As part of your use case, it can also grab files, MP3s, and other types of files. The software offers the ability to easily attach your own VHD files to the virtual machine, so it is very convenient to work with and allow for quick work through. In addition, hard disks within the company contain several of its capabilities.

Paragon Backup & Recovery also works with several aspects such as imaging, partitions, entire disks, and other file sets as desired. In Windows, it possesses a powerful media builder, which allows the user to construct USB's as well as external drives with its powerful network capabilities. I find it to be very user-friendly, simple to use, and easy to use. does not force the user to learn much about the programs before being able to use them; it is simple enough that one can download, install, configure, and perform all functions with ease. Moreover, using this program you will create several backup configurations and several tools for backup and other functions in a straight forward manner.


Works with a large variety of formats and functions, advanced media builder, simple
  • Virtual backup utility
  • Works with many formats including VHD/VHDX
  • Partitioning
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Free to download and configure
The Paragon Backup and Recovery Advanced for Windows software allows users to get started in IT without any previous experience. The software works to retrieve data from the user in case of a lost disk; additionally, to accomplish this, it needs a skill in how to save data on a laptop and is necessary knowledge of how to perform partitions based on its ability to retrieve data, of the software is to enable users It also allows one to set it up automatically for any given time or day based on what the program is doing.
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