by Orpalis

This is a powerful scanning software with OCR engine, annotations and other innovative features

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Orpalis

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PaperScan is an easy-to-Document scanning can be undertaken on a variety of paper surfaces with this powerful program. The WIA and TWAIN standard can easily be utilized by this application. Therefore, it can be utilized on virtually any scanners, multifunctional devices.Network scanners and digital cameras as well as "harvesters" and "harvesters.". Materials are scan simultaneously or in batch depending on sheet separation via the program.

A series of useful and interesting functions make this program both an excellent program and a convenient one, besides the ability to convert paper materials into electronic paper. From scanning materials with text not present at all in a traditional sense as images to extracting and saving text in texts present in images, e-mail scanning tools are doing more than providing simple text-rich images. Also, you can import digital images taken by digital cameras directly into the program or have images stored on your computer's hard drive. Moreover, the program helps you create PDF files and extract images and text from them so that they can be viewed and edited. As an added bonus, users are able to add content to their own PDF files.

Scanned or uploaded images, PaperScan allows you to edit as a true professional graphic editor! In order to process digital graphics files on this basis, there are sufficient tools available in the application. A number of settings can be applied to your image such as resolution, quality selection, image cropping and transformation, image transformation into black and white or grayscale (grayscale), color adjustment (gamma, saturation, brightness, contrast) and many others. Additionally, during processing various filters will be available as well as special effects (contour, sepia, scanned images) and special effects (coloring, blurring, etc.). The advantage of PaperScan is it allows for automatic elimination of certain defects frequently encountered during scanning. For example, align images horizontally and vertically, remove traces of punctured holes in paper documents, remove blank pages, etc.

The processed and fully finished materials can be printed and saved in various formats: JBIG2; JPEG 2000, JPEG 2000F, PNG, PDF/A, WEBP. Multi-family is also supported, as well as the creation of new multi-use facilities.The page files may be used in PDF, TIFF, or JBIG2.

There is nothing difficult about using or managing scans through Paperscan for Windows, regardless whether they are network or acquisition. Users are able to fully manage scan controls by simply holding down the mouse button. You can batch scan with this tool, and I particularly like that feature. As well as using the tool in a straightforward way and working well, you can even adjust or enhance your photographic compositions.
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