by Everdene L.L.C

Free software that finds new and exciting backgrounds online for your desktop or website

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Everdene L.L.C

Release: PaperQuote

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PaperQuote is a free Windows software program that will change your desktop or website background daily to something new. As the name implies, its source is the Internet, and it offers a variety of wallpapers and quotes to suit your specific needs.


  • Offers interface personalization
  • Allows quote favoriting
  • Shows trial thumbnails for images
  • Remembers and records recently used quotes and wallpapers
  • Has a variety of wallpaper and quote sources to choose from each day
  • Helps create slideshows to use as screensavers
  • Provides options for automatic functioning
  • Free
  • Available as a personal or corporate version

PaperQuote is a way for users like you to keep your desktop or website background fresh. you should consider using for preventing your website's growth stale or providing an enjoyable reminder whenever your computer clicks and sees it from time to time. PaperQuote doesn't interfere with the search for images in your files. That's different from programs like EarthView, which limit the available types of images you can upload or Caledos Wallpaper Changer, which only uses photos that go into a selected folder.

When you click on backgrounds online, it generates them automatically.

You can browse a wide variety of wallpaper images and inspiring quotes by searching the Internet on PaperQuote. As the software is small and does not require many pictures from your computer, the program occupies very little hard drive space.

It will also allow you to setup the software in a personal way with PaperQuote. You can choose the interface to suit your needs, and the software can accommodate those changes very easily. You will have the option to update your background using a wallpaper or quote created by one of the channels. There are individual and corporate versions of this software. It is also possible to integrate the software with multiple desktop apps at once, helping make it stand out from the competition.

Andrew S
Using this tool, you can look up desktop backgrounds online and append them with quotes. By changing your desktop background, you can change the image of your computer. However, I would have concerns if the computer was not connected. Since the program is a Windows program, I'm just as able to put together my own inspiring quote desktop backgrounds and use the "Personalize" section of the computer for changing the backgrounds randomly or on a perused. As well as that, I am worried that this application may be manipulated so that inappropriate quotes can be found on my computer. If the program is described to me in such a way as to convince me to download it, I won't.
One example of that is this desktop can be picked from several different quotes. Everyone has a unique way to find their own design thanks to the wide variety of channels. I think it makes it possible to find the things that work most effectively for all. This card is simple to use, with a wide choice of formats and versatility.
Connor Homan
Any worker who works in a computer or in an office needs this. Each day, the site provides new wallpapers and inspiring quotes that make you feel better, making your mornings that much more relaxed and inspiring you to get started.
In spite of knowing which wallpaper to use on your desktop, the paper quote program gives you the power to do so quickly. This Wallpaper Randomizer Pattern Pattern Randomizes Your Wallpaper Daily Additionally You Get a Quote on It. Simply put, this program allows you to switch on your computer to a new background and quote so that you don't have to worry about changing settings. Furthermore, you'll have the option of choosing a set which better reflects your own style, so that you never miss a great shot.
There is no better reminder of what you should be thinking than those you listen to at home -- and this product comes along with it. An array of backgrounds and quotes are available on in various formats. The quotes and screensavers on each screen are capable of being updated daily. These high-It's never been easier to add something new to your computer.
Features such as a database function and custom keyboard allow you to customize PaperQuote for Windows. So it works well for the home as well as at work. The program is free and comes in a personal version as well as a business version. quotes, you can select what they recommend from a wide universe of quotes that are constantly available on the internet. The frequency of using certain things can vary.
All the quotes come with the same in all 15 languages so I appreciate that you can choose which quotes to use regardless of where you are visiting. As such, this API cannot just be used on a particular platform and no API needs to be written in a specific language. If you want your platform to stand out in a global marketplace and quickly scale to meet local demands, PaperQuote is a great option.
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