PaperPlane Smart Launch

by itigic Co. Ltd

A shortcut manager that launches Windows desktop like an IOS device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: itigic Co. Ltd

Release: PaperPlane Smart Launch 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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As an Apple fanboy that works at a company that requires us to use Windows devices, PaperPlane Smart Launch has saved me. As an operating system, Windows computers display an ugly interface. There isn't enough access to everything. Finding what I'm looking for half of the time comes up a lotta times in the finder search process. So with Paper Plane, you can now use my Windows computer much more conveniently. As PaperPlane has an interface that feels like an IOS device, we can easily access every feature. The problem is I may forget to utilize my Windows machine while I'm using this program. I also find that it organizes my applications better and lets me perform double functions.With the start-up feature, you get to enjoy endless uses for Mac OS. Its many other awesome features give me the feel of being on OS X. The application has been highly beneficial to my work and has increased my productivity. As a result, I'm able to look for things and complete them. The layout of Windows is to my mind to be a terrible idea.

Since PaperPlane offers so much customization over your Windows device, and has a lot of freedom than a Mac could offer, I just like having the choice of making my choices. It's a lot less sterile and more creative when using Windows now. When my work computer shows a Mac layout, my coworkers always get confused. They tend to think I'm insane. Even so, I have convinced some of them to try it out with a few reminders along the way. There's no way I can ever return to the default layout of Windows. The only problem with using the program is that you need to change your default style, regardless of whether you like it or not. If you mess up anything, you have many options for restoring and backing things up. Now that I can use this application on my Mac computer, I am spending less time on it.

You will find that this application is beneficial for those who are adamantly against using Windows computers. I have been experiencing a drastic change in my mood as a result of using Windows 10. Having two worlds at once is what I enjoy now more than ever. However, I can understand why some will never appreciate Windows, as this program has made it much easier to work with my Windows system thanks to its ease of use. If you want quick access, easy navigation, and that Mac/IOS feel, go try PaperPlane Smart Launch out!

Helps make your Windows computer feel like an IOS device

  • Organize applications
  • Drag-and-drop support
  • Auto backup
  • Restore options
  • Double-click feature

A recent version of Windows must be used in order to setup.

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