Pandora FMS

by Artica Soluciones Tecnológicas

A program serving as a monitoring solution

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Artica Soluciones Tecnológicas

Release: Pandora FMS 6.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pandora FMS is a high level and useful utility for monitoring device activity and performance with ease. This program will make it useful not only for IT professionals, but for anyone with a different background. Users can tailor the program according to their particular needs and it can adjust as their needs change. Businesses and IT can work together with it quickly and effectively through its compatibility. This app features several different metrics and statistics for device performance that help customers evaluate their devices, such as performance levels by an APM, performance levels by BAM, and ITOM.

Pandora FMS also works with virtual infrastructure to see any potential issues using a wide variety of tools. Applications, physical appliances, and storage devices are all supported by it, along with Docker containers, servers, routers, proxies, firewalls, and databases. WMI monitoring, server monitoring, graphical monitoring, metrics, network monitoring, management of application components, upgrade versions with technical support, and inventory management all make up the included software. There is also a chance for users to collaborate with over 2000 nodes using this server, providing powerful tools.

Using Pandora FMS as a multi-platform application gives users easy access to a wide range of content.tenant. Users are also empowered to work with a compatible version of ACP and provide reports accordingly. It is recommended that any user seeking a monitoring program with such a large number of features and tools as this one select this Windows program.

Offers many components including ACP, graphical components, network monitoring, metrics, and more

  • Monitoring utility
  • Works with virtual infrastructure
  • ACP reports
  • Graphical components
  • Simple and elegant interface
With Pandora FMS, IT can respond in a wide range of immediate and unforeseen situations, such as IT systems or infrastructure problems, even when they might be both immediate and unforeseen. In its efforts, IT and companies are encouraged to provide flexible, quick, and flexible solutions in response to changing demands in a unique way.Network monitoring, server monitoring, inventory management,GIS tracking, and viewing is just a few of the services offered by this platform.However, its high scalability (2,024 nodes with one server), 100% web speed, and multi-tasking power may be his true attributes.tenant capabilities.I have never seen anything worse than this.I highly recommend this app if you are involved in IT operations.
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