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Easily send faxes from your computer. Supports multiple operating systems.

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You can use this to send faxes from virtually anywhere if you have an internet connection since it is so unique. There have been other computer programs that might allow you to send a fax before this one, but this is the first one that does not require a physical phone line or a physical fax machine. This is not the case with PamFax. Due to its Skype account format, it makes it far better than dial-in phone service, so you may receive as many faxes as you'd like as long as you have access to the Internet.


  • Perhaps the most impressive feature is that you don't need a telephone line to send a fax
  • No need for a physical fax machine- send faxes directly from your computer or mobile device!
  • Uses Skype to send the faxes and ties directly into Microsoft Office.
  • Send your first three pages for free. Once you decide whether to subscribe, you will have time to decide if the program is worthwhile.
  • By using faxes on your cell phones, you can send them several times over a preset period of time. Just set it to whatever time you want and the program will do the rest.

The most impressive thing that this program boasts is ease of use. This simple program allows anyone to send faxes without actually knowing how they work. It is possible to send faxes from any office, home, or work environment straight from your home by registering, linking to your Skype account, and getting started. The capabilities of this program are extremely useful for many business solutions.

You can use this tool on a variety of operating systems as well as on your mobile device.

You can use this tool on a variety of operating systems as well as on your mobile device. Operating systems that are supported are as follows: s are:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac OSx
  3. Android
  4. iPhone
  5. Blackberry

Minimum operating requirements are extremely modest since Internet is the primary vehicle. Just one thing that needs to be done is sign up for Skype via an active online account.

The site makes a great first impression on visitors. Essentially, communicating with the software itself is easy. Considering there are so many alternatives for free, it's fairly expensive. Having trouble deciding if there are any restrictions on crossing over from regular landline machines, whether or not I can still contact them using mail or whether this is email as its for larger files only.
Nathan Bandy
Businesses continue to use fax machines even though they are gradually fading. A single document can be faxed to more than one recipient with this product. A fax machine doesn't have to be a limitation now that you can save documents on popular services such as dropbox. The cost is considerably less as well since the starting rates are lower.
Those sending and receiving more than one fax will benefit from PamFax. In addition to cloud computing, we are able to send a fax to multiple people simultaneously which enhances productivity. It costs only 10 cents per page for faxing, and it scans a number of different type of paper formats. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, this tool is incredibly useful to businesses.
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No faxing is required from your documents so long as this feature has been enabled.
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With this system you can send faxes from multiple platforms at the same time.
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Using a free application for Windows to enable voice connections makes it possible to connect to various places.
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A full-Computer faxing software with fax machine software were on display.
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Using a stand-alone window application and plugging it in.