PaintSupreme 3D

by BrainDistrict GmbH

The program allows you to create your own works of art using 3D digital painting.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BrainDistrict GmbH

Release: PaintSupreme 3D 1.1.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Choosing the right painting program can be challenging for those with artistic capabilities (and those who are not enthusiastic about having fun) and for those who simply are not fond of spending time alone. If you're looking for a program that has all that you could possibly want and think of, then PaintSupreme 3D for Windows is definitely a good place to start.

Obviously, the first thing that the starving artist in us will see is that this is not a free program, usually running along with an average of $10-15. While it requires an upfront price, its great selection of powerful tools would go a long way toward making it worthwhile. Although most programs share many similarities and aspects, including both a vast range of digital brushes and colors, the only unique aspect of this program is that users can choose from 3D textures to compliment their pieces, with each addition being animated. It's a wide array of materials and bumps, filters, brushes etc. This is a virtual Picasso if your dream is to create art in digital format. Using this feature, you are able to save as GIF files, bringing to life your uploaded photos, and with some creativity be able to share it with others. A simple and elegant method is to light up your work and make it stand out as you do it.

It may seem overwhelming for the beginner to understand all of this, but those with little to no experience in painting software should not be discouraged. There is nothing else like this painting class for kids or adults just going through their free time and enjoying themselves. A person who simply likes to swing a brush playfully around will not only experience what this software can do, but then he or she will be able to develop and grow on this application gradually.

One of the greatest things about that is that you don't have to buy any new software. The amount of money you'll save this year is definitely enough to make this a very successful investment compared to most other programs. It's also a top-notch investment for anyone wanting to scratch their creative itch.

The series features a wide variety of powerful tools to accomplish their goal.

  • An impressive selection of painting tools to choose from
  • Edit your photographs to make them live!
  • Render your artwork in 3D
  • Very powerful software which is good for a beginner or an expert
In Windows, I love using PaintSupreme 3D because it makes it quick and easy to design and edit images through the use of DITI to create artwork. As my preferred brush because there are so many different types to choose from, I always utilize them. The tools are also useful for adding special effects that go beyond color. If I choose to utilize different materials or textures in an attempt to create my painting, that allows me to make multiple selections.
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