P2P TV Recorder

by StreamingStar Technology Inc

A software that allows you to record any video stream or broadcast

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: StreamingStar Technology Inc

Release: This new device is the P2P TV recorder.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Those watching broadcast videos or live streams will be pleased to know that this software is very useful. You'll never have the problem of missing these again because P2P TV Recorder will record any video, from any source, and save it onto your hard drive. This software is very user-friendly, takes up minimal space, and records in your format of choice directly to your hard drive. It's built-in scheduling system protects your hard drive as it records. don't be stuck without a working internet connection. Watch your favorite videos and stream them when you have access. You won't have a problem using this software as it is fast and does not take up much space in your operating system.


  • With PPStream. PPLive. SopCast. TVUPlayer. PPMate. CoolStream and more, this program lets you stream videos from virtually any streaming source.
  • The Microsoft and Real Network TV streaming services can also be monitored.
  • This tool automatically changes the stream into a convenient Windows Media Player compatible video, and stores it directly on your hard drive.
  • This application is super fast, intuitive to use, and doesn't take up a lot of space on your computer.

P2P TV Recorder 1.You can use 8 to replace the video recording devices you used to use before the system got outdated.digital age. The program is used for streaming and watching videos on so many different platforms, so you won't have to worry about the future. This one is among the most powerful recording software available on the market, and it saves the videos, allowing the viewer to watch them as if they were still connected to the internet. Besides recording sessions, the application has a scheduler to enable access to it even when you can't begin recording at the time. If you watch it on your PC, you'll be amazed at how good it works. anyone can utilize this tool in a considerable way. With all of our streaming and broadcast services, you can never miss a moment. The idea of downloading hours of content straight to your computer, bringing your laptop over to an airplane, and watching your favourite shows without any Internet connection would be quite amazing.

Video capture and storage on your hard drive can be done better using this software, since you can access from several different sources.
Elle Jay
I like the idea of this. Although I wanted to watch the recent US political debates, I wasn't able to watch everything since I didn't get to the stream on time. As a result, I planned on recording the video to stream at a later time. In addition, the sport would be the perfect sport for it.
I found this video recorder to be very useful. You can save your recordings to disk as media files on your computer. Using a mobile device has no limitation at all. You can listen or watch at any time, no matter if you are indoors or outdoors.
Riley Manriquez
It is really interesting how the P2P TV Recorder functions. There are many artists I follow who follow P2P Recorder while I am not, so when I find out their live-stream or video stream is recorded while I am not, I am so glad that the platform is there. It is great. I always miss seeing their lives though my Using my computer for that makes it work well since it does not require too much space.
You can easily record different TV streaming services with P2P TV Recorder for Windows. As a PC-specific P2P TV recorder you will initially need PPLive or Sopcast to launch, and then you need to click the link, to start receiving videos. You should also get P2P TV Recorder for Windows feature of monitoring disk space as well as receiving message when disk space has exceeded a maximum limit on MB. You are free to add an unlimited number of channels if you desire, and you will also be able to create groups' channels.
The number of streaming and viewing options for shows today is staggering. I need a way to keep track of my records. In the P2P TV Recorder application for Windows, users can watch live and recorded programming. Whether I'm watching something from anywhere on my computer or saving it to my hard drive, that's all I need. Getting rid of the anxiety of choosing and choosing has freed up a lot of my time. I will be able to watch the programs I love even later when I'm not around to record them.
Even though it can be impossible for me to see much of anything on playback, this P2P product beats all the others. =P Version 1.8 at streamingstar.It might seem odd to think of www.tad- better than 1.75 here. Another reason I might have overlooked the quality potential was by bringing the buffering up to 60 seconds on my Sopcast. When you were able to take your old recordings and play back your favorite tunes when you held up your father's cassette recorder onto your AM radio, that was exhilaration for the ages.
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