UEditor WYSIWYG HTML Editor logo
This tool makes it easier to transmit a word by bringing popular features common to DESKTOP word processing programs.
pgAdmin 4 logo
Integrate our PostgreSQL administration and development platform in a single location.
Active Query Builder logo
Building types can be combined through a single query builder.
AWStats logo
Operating on a free, powerful and featured server with a web browser for Windows.
MySQL Workbench logo
Window configuration tool for creating websites for computers.s
Novell NetWare Revisor logo
Manage a web-based operating system with the aid of this tool.
Moodle logo
Using open source tools to make your learning environment personalized and flexible so you can integrate other tools.
Microsoft SQL Server logo
A fully-Microsoft Windows is compatible with a database server featured on this site.
VPN Unlimited logo
With KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, you can access restricted Internet content, browse anonymously, and safeguard your online activities.
SSH Server logo
Using a new server for the Windows processor.
ODBC Driver logo
ODBC drivers allow you to access data stored in database management systems via the Internet.
PostgreSQL logo
In this package manager, new PostgreSQL tools and drivers can be downloaded and installed.
Lync Planning Tool logo
Planning and analyzing telecommunications systems using this tool.
PS3 Media Server logo
All major operating systems can be successfully supported.
SQL Manager for MySQL logo
Data mining, editing, and creating MySQL databases on SQL Manager for MySQL are of high performance level.
MongoDB logo
document database which belongs to a group of NoSQL - ome can be connected to a group of databases called NoSQL - not only SQL
dbForge Studio for MySQL logo
You can download SQL Development Software free or paid for use.
SHOUTcast Server logo
It allows for hosting of a station on a computer via Microsoft Windows.
SQLite Expert Professional logo
Users have access to SQLite Administrators that can easily create, design and manage SQLite database files.
Navicat Premium logo
This database development tool enables simultaneous connections to a number of database databases.
RealTerm logo
In Windows serial communication, this terminal program receives and transmits serial messages.
DBF Commander logo
encoding of DBF files to Windows files encrypt ODBC files for windows ANSI or MS-ready servers.DOS
ADB Editor logo
The software allows an individual to link their Android device with their computer so that editing can be done.
IBExpert logo
A multi-The platform video converter is equipped to handle all media formats.
HeidiSQL logo
The software enables you to see and edit data in various databases.
AirParrot logo
AirParrot adds high-Windows devices can be mirrored accurately using our screen mirroring software.
360 TurboVPN logo
Protects Internet privacy and security.
Zabbix logo
Monitoring any network component or Windows server using a software program.
Private Internet Access logo
anonymously allowing users to log in for online access to secret network sessions.
Plex Media Server logo
The centralized view allows you to organize your favorite shows, movies, and media all in one place.
TwonkyMedia Server logo
Media servers allow device content to be shared via the Internet between mobile devices.
MySQL logo
The wireless service provided by the windows service provider is free of charge.
TVersity Media Server logo
It is designed to streaming and store video.
Openfire logo
Fire comes from many sources. Openfire is one.platform real-A synchronic time collaboration server using XMPP (Jabber) protocols.
Sql Editor logo
Video editing editor that works in Windows.
SQLyog logo
Our management software provides the most features.
SQLite Expert Personal logo
An easy-to-use tool designed especially for your business needs.
Visual FoxPro logo
Currently used by more than 6,000 businesses. The programming language that it spawned in 1984.
Free Hide IP logo
Provides a means of masking your IP address in order to prevent companies from accessing your information.
Borland Database Engine logo
In addition to the database engine, connectivity software is required.
My Visual DataBase logo
Windows Visual Database lets you create a visual database using an app.
OpenVPN logo
Serving files using Windows can be found in open source versions:.
Apache Tomcat logo
To install Java specs on Windows, you will have to download Java JDK 5.0.
MDB Viewer Plus logo
With this free editor you can set up a free viewer for Windows.
EMS SQL Manager Lite for InterBase and Firebird logo
Free software for administrating the databases InterBase and Firebird.
Database Viewer Editor logo
Explorer is compatible with databases, so it functions similar to this.
DBDesigner logo
Computer program that allows you to design databases and build models.
SocksCap logo
When a proxy is used for any support online program, such as support.
Hamachi logo
Using the HachiVPN Client, clients are made to track unguarded information from cyberattacks, for no additional cost.
Mezzmo logo
A multi-tasking and multi-Effortlessly manage media servers from your desktop or mobile device.
VyprVPN logo
The best VPNs in the world can be found on VyprVPN. In this way, third party software is not needed for fast VPN.
MyPublicWiFi logo
Connect your laptop to a WiFi access point.
Weka logo
Among a diverse range of machine learning algorithms, weka may be used to mine data.
Dexpot logo
Virtual desktop users can access virtual desktops from any computer.