OST2PST Viewer


You can read OST files even if your Outlook client is not installed.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: OST2PSTWARE

Release: OST2PST Viewer

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The OST2PST Viewer is a free tool that is handy if you want to take a look at yours.OST mailbox data files when you are offline and don't have access to Outlook. Through your visit to Outlook-related websites and downloads, you'll be able to view an array of email messages and file attachments.Having work tasks and calendars on hand is helpful as well.

In this tool, Outlook is not required on your computer, so you can use it without worrying about it. Having the option to view an entire offline mailbox database just like they would be in Outlook will greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to touch Outlook. This tool can be used to mimic Outlook's folders structure or subfolder structure in similar fashion, as well as the formatting for email. you'll also see the current status of all the messages you've sent on the computer. It will also notify you if either an unread or read message was sent. You do not need to be any kind of tech whiz to use this tool since the OST2PST Viewer is so easy to use and works with all computer types.

Users have a great deal of intuitiveness to choose from, as well as no guidance as to how to use the interface. The flexibility of this tool makes it a great choice for all types of applications.A virtual preview will be provided by the OST2PST Viewer based on whether my file has been encrypted or very encrypted. Furthermore, it's also possible to view compressed and downloaded files. Finally, the dual preview option allows me to view both messages and attachments side by side with great ease. By making my messages easy to navigate, I am able to keep track of my stuff.

This program gives you the ability to view mailbox data files even when offline.

  • Multiplyable file formats can be read, likeANSI and UNICODE.ost data files.
  • The View Options enable you to see all message and attachments on one screen.
  • Outlook will open when you click.ost data files
  • Ability to show all kinds of OST files, even if encrypted or highly encrypted
  • Ability to access messages and attachments without downloading Outlook

There are no complicated menus or additional instructions to guide you through the tool's graphical user interface. After clicking on this option, the OST2PST Viewer loads your files once you've added them, and as a result, you'll no longer have to worry about loading them manually.

Check out OST2PST Viewer to allow you to view Outlook files offline if you have to use Internet Explorer. The program opens Outlook files regardless of whether you have a username or not. The Preview function has proven very useful not only in providing an preview of emails, attachments, and calendar invitations but they can also be printed with our app. In addition to its excellent interface, which is incredibly easy to use, it offers all the above.
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