by PassMark Software

Manage and mount disk images and RAM disks in Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PassMark Software

Release: OSFMount 2.0.1001

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Passmark's OSFMount is a free utility meant for use with Passmark's OSForensics package or standalone data recovery efforts. Recovered disks are mounted using this module in reading mode - it allows the user to use USB recovery cards.Mode that is only intended for recovering data in a safer manner. Mountable disks are available through drive letters as if they were physical disks on the computer. OSFMount can also mount a disk image as a RAM disk, allowing much faster access. The RAM is capable of speeding up the performance of programs like web browsers, games, etc. The fact that RAM disk spaces are deleted when a computer shuts down makes them an ideal solution for secure applications storing data your computer you do not want to retrieve in the event of a crash, theft, or loss of data. It is impossible to save any information lost with the RAM disk if it shuts down.

It was first available in 2010. It's been constantly updated with fixes. As well as Split Raw images, System deploying images, NERO NRG files, and Advanced Forensic formats s Split Raw images, System deployment images, NERO NRG files, and Advanced Forensic formats with metadata and directory images.


The OSF Mount software is a client software claim that claims it performs just as well as an OSF mount.
  • Supports numerous disk image formats, including IMG, ISO, BIN, VMDK, and VHD
  • Works with Passmark OSForensics to analyze problem recovered data
  • High-speed RAM disk accelerates application performance
  • Mounts CD images in ISO format to increase CD performance

OSFMount is the fastest RAM disk software available, can mount a vast number of disk image formats, and is a must-have standalone program that also works with Passmark's OSForensics package to aid data recovery. And it's free!

  • Works with Windows 7 (SP1 or newer), Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows 10
  • Separate 32 and 64-bit versions are available
  • Works with Windows Server 2008 and 2012
  • Windows Server 2016 may require special steps to work properly
  • Requires a minimum of 1GB RAM (the more, the better for RAM disks)
  • Requires only 10Mb disk space for the application.
  • Requires administrator privileges
Jason Proctor
I love that software. Using this application, I can quickly perform existing tasks instead of doing them all by hand. As many files as I need to mount to a hard drive are on the hard drive and this software lets me set up file sharing easily.
Brodie Adair
This free software can mount disk images with a drive letter into windows, create RAM drive sets, etc. OSFMount V1.There are now more image file formats supported in version 4 of Open Document Format.
Software called OSF Mount allows users to mount digital photos using their Windows PCs. For the most part, this product benefits over hard drives in terms of speed, with much less of an issue with data storage. A great advantage of the software is that it will make launching apps on high performance a lot easier.speed disk access. This software is great because it's easy to download, it comes with a download size of under 2MB.
My experience with this product was great, it allowed me to mount my virtual hard drive with ease. We don't think anything is unreliable in my opinion so would likely pay attention. It is only weeks now since I adopted OSF, but I used another software for a long time that failed. The process was really frustrating, but so far, I've never had any problems.
disk image file as well as converting it into a physical file and attaching it along with the drive letter. It is available as a 64 bit program and a 32 bit program. Having it available on download is a nice change of fortune.It's the best place to buy software for you because it's so prominent. A fantastic disk utilities app, you should download it.
Windows users will find this software very useful. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.bit and 64-There is no charge for the Bit Operating System. Less than ideal system requirements apply to this software. Having a lag-free approach allows us to use. You can find a lot of software on Google. As for the one with the easier-to-use features, I think this is better for you, since it's very easy to use.
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