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Every employee and project with a Time Keeping Software solution.

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Using this software you can measure employee productivity with different projects and other human resources programs, such as sick leave, saving you a lot of time. This service is great because it drastically allows you to get at-a-glance information about how long an employee remains on what. You will find the price of just over 5 dollars per employee and bonuses for a larger pool.

Track the projects you are undertaking with your employees output

  • It allows you to see hierarchies of everyone in your group, and this is useful for assigning permissions to people on various projects
  • It can maintain a calendar of accumulated time, vacation time and sick days and personal days for your employees
  • Can track costs and billings for employees that work on projects for the purposes of billing your customer and internal review
  • Allows you to assign budgets for various projects such as hourly projects or fixed rate projects
  • Generate an invoice for your client or use the built-in billing mode for your clients

Adding a new account is free of charge, without an electronic credit card.

You can subscribe by logging into your existing account with your created one.

During the trial period, you will have access to all of the supports.

The timesheet can be accessed through either Google or Microsoft accounts.

Using Orotimesheet, companies and businesses can maintain time sheets efficiently and accurately. In this way, employees are entitled to correct benefits. Furthermore, it allows cost and billing management. For any business, it's crucial to take care of anything coming into the office or leaving. Having the system online makes it so accessible. Furthermore, the system can accommodate any size business / company, since it is customizable.
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