Orbit Downloader

by OrbitDownloader.com

A free download manager and accelerator for Microsoft Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: OrbitDownloader.com

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Orbit Downloader is a multifunctional program for downloading video, audio, images, flash animation from media hosting, social networks, file sharing and other sites where there is no possibility of downloading files via direct link. Downloading software with this program is considered one of the best free options.

Besides downloading files from inaccessible websites, you can also utilize the additional tools found in the program. Educating people about recording and saving streaming video is one aspect of this process. The Grubber++ module (located inside the Options section of the toolbar at the top) should be used to record this presentation. Your web browser may provide support if it has the desired video. In addition, the program will recognize any link that is presented in the window and the user just has to click on "Start loading" to begin the process. In addition to the program functionality, there is a module called "Grab Url" for batch handling of address information on webpages.

The undoubted advantage of Orbit Downloader is its high speed and reliability of downloading files by supporting downloading files in separate parts from several sources (different server mirrors) at once. Besides that, the program can handle a large amount of simultaneous downloads and offers various settings such as cancelling and pausing downloads as well as sorting and prioritizing downloads. There is also an application that allows scheduled downloads to be performed.

The file upload functionality of Orbit Downloader is comprehensive, and it supports all standard protocols. Proxy servers are able to accept any HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, FTP, RTMP orRTSP file and work. In addition to being integrated into all popular web browsers (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera, and Internet Explorer), the program acts automatically to collect and process user url addresses. Also included in the application is an update verification module that updates the operating system program list.

A very good downloader I've used. I have so many times tried uploading videos on YouTube and I end up having them blocked or unable to grab them. WithOrbit, they come in a clutch whenever needed. It was definitely worth the money for anyone!!
Microsoft Windows no longer supports Orbit Downloader because it is no longer available. From 2006 to 2009, it was abandoned by its developers.
You can manage your downloads through this app. Pause and resume downloads are enabled with the program. All major protocols can be utilized, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Videos can be downloaded from Vimeo and YouTube to your computer. In order to expedite your downloads, members of the community collaborate together, making it extremely helpful. If you want a fast time, do a lot of peer-to-peer sharing and mirroring.
Windows users can download videos, music, photos, from multimedia sharing sites, and other Internet sites with Orbit Downloader for Windows. It is one of the best free download management programs available. With Orbit Downloader, users can safely download files from several sites within one shot as it supports download portions of files from multiple sites simultaneously. There are several other features such as the enormous download possibilities that make the software appealing, as well as enabling you to limit and stop downloads entirely, as well as restarting, pausing, and arranging download lists as soon as it becomes apparent that the traffic is increasing. This is a worthwhile program, especially for those sites that do not offer an easy way to download files or the ability to do so cleanly.
It is a download manager with Windows for Windows, Orbit Downloader. For me it is both simple to use and straightforward, which translates into both big wins. Moreover, there's a functionality for downloading videos, even when the site does not offer any download options. Currently, I'll save videos to use when I'm using our phones out of range, which helps us to drain the WiFi faster. Great stuff!
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