Opera Neon

by Opera Software

Concept browser for Windows processor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Opera Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

Opera Neon is a concept of a new browser from the creators of Opera, which is interesting with its not quite typical interface. a) The quick access screens have completely been rewritten by the developers and b) The menus have been optimized. As opposed to previewing website content, it now displays graphics with icons of resources. The users of these circles can change the location by themselves. Quick access screens are background images used in the browser as desktop wallpapers that were selected by users. It was quite unusual for the browser to implement such a system. On the right, you will find a separate panel where the icons can be viewed. You will see just about the same menu item under the tabbed pane, as indicated by the quick access menu design. Although the developers' animation took care of most of the detail, they also made many nice effects. If you choose one of those tabs, you'll be able to change the order of pages along with the status of the tab.

If the right part of the main Opera Neon window is occupied by the tabbed panel, the left part is placed under the browser management toolbar. Almost no one is used to seeing these types of functions in a left-handed editor. Once you've selected the file types you'd like to play back, you can click on a screenshot of that page and access the download manager. This allows developers to save space on the top of the window by arranging the panels with tabs and tools in a strange manner. It is possible to present a more comprehensive web page by displaying the material more often. The change in texture of the graphic shell does not seem very much, but the overall design of the conceptual design does seem to be very fresh from the start. Would you be okay if we told it ed you try it!

Unlike Opera, Opera Neon uses the same engine. This means that the speed of loading pages and the stability of work are exactly the same as with the original Internet Explorer. Although it offers a number of useful services, such as the Turbo regime, it lacks many of its key functions.

- A conceptual browser that does not use any type of plug in technology.standard interface;

- In addition to offering a completely redesigned quick access menu and tab control panel, it also offers simplified navigation systems.

- A regular Opera works with the same engine.

- By placing your tabs and toolbars on the left and right sides of a window, you have more visibility to the contents.

- Despite the large amount of animations in the new interface, it works fairly well on a PC with "good hardware"; ;

- There's no charge for this browser.

Opera Neon offers a new way to browse, complete with familiar browsing tools and intuitive user interface.
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