Opera AdBlock

by adblockforopera

Open-Online security and ad blocker sources protect user data.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: adblockforopera

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Advertisers come in a lot of form today, but users find that they literally aggregate most Web resources as a result of them. In addition to causing a great deal of annoyance to Internet users, advertising is not only harmful to those who find it difficult to surf the Web, it can also introduce serious dangers, whereby users are taken to unwanted resources, such as malware downloads or to sites with dubious contents.

AdBlock, a powerful software tool designed for the most popular browsers extension, has long protected users from a wasteful advertising model, which has taken hold of the online landscape. For over a decade, such a plugin has been available.Opera users are demanding its functionality be added. It's called Opera AdBlock.

You will be able to use this extension right away because it has been automatically installed in your browser. Opera AdBlock has a flexible configuration system and can easily block all ads on pages or block only the most intrusive, depending on the user's wishes. There are many more options this plugin can offer, such as the ability to build dark and white lists, be configured for creating filters, to block specific elements on web pages, to name a few. Additionally, once an advertising blocker is installed, the user will not find anything inconvenient in terms of navigation, as the layout of the web site won't suffer. AdBlock can automatically remove indents caused by the remote advertising elements, and it places blocks in the best possible locations, not ad in (since it is difficult for people to move them correctly).

Besides all of these things, the use of Opera AdBlock allows you to significantly reduce the loading time of web pages since extra graphic elements, often associated with advertising, will not be loaded. As well as providing a significant cut in Internet traffic, many users find that Internet traffic is no longer unlimited.

- It requires only "a couple of clicks" to complete.

- This configuration system is flexible and has many optional functions.

- Taking advantage of the privacy of Internet browsers in not downloading advertisements will result in higher page loading speeds and less traffic on Internet.

- Google and Facebook ads will likely not be allowed on such popular services as YouTube.

Those who don't like internet advertising (most of it, anyway) would appreciate Opera AdBlock as much as I do. A great plugin for blocking ads without messing with web pages or the internet. A way to simplify your online tasks by customizing your schedule and providing a multitude of options.
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