by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

The open source Windows Serving package for Microsoft Windows is compatible with all major browsers.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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OpenVPN can be adapted to configurations such as remote access, site to site VPN, Wi-Identity cards, remote access solutions, and access controls for corporate premises. Based on the fundamental belief that complexity and complexity are security enemies, OpenVPN offers a cost-effective, resource-A VPN with an efficient alternative to other VPN technologies.

The system is both secure and easy to use: This is a different VPN implementation from others, because it is structured in a way that eliminates confusion. Security on the Internet involves implementing the SSL protocol, one of the most widely used Internet communication security protocols. provides OSI Layers when implemented through network extensions via SSL/TLS protocols, supports flexible and efficient client authentication methods via certificates, smart cards, and/or two-factor authentication, such as SMS.In addition to this, users or groups of users are provided Firewall-based access to security settings. An OpenVPN client does not make it possible through a browser to access services.

OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. Due to growing concerns from businesses and large corporations alike, OpenVPN will soon be significantly improved. As stated in the license, the program comes with an GNU/GPL license enabling anyone to make significant changes to the source code to suit their needs.

- The Facebook community has 3 million users.

- Each month, there are 200,000 visitors and 150,000 downloads to this type of internet technology:

- Award-winning OpenVPN VPN has taken home this award several times, most recently as Best SSL VPNs 2007, and also won the InfoWorld Best Open Source award in 2001.

With OpenVPN your WiFi protocols can be protected from hacking attempts much more efficiently. In other words, the idea is excellent for preventing cyber attacks, saving lives, and saving money. Moreover, users are added to the firewall's security to enable them to control the rules of the firewalls.
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