Opanda IExif

by Opanda Studio

A program for Photographers who want more information on a favorite picture

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Opanda Studio

Release: Opanda IExif 2.26

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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photo into perfect details by harnessing a new software feature called Opanda software. See how the photographer created a picture at a certain angle. What was the camera used?? Where can I get more information on the photographer?? All this information is readily available on Opanda. Take a look!


  • Opanda IExif is a Free & Safe Download for Windows.
  • Developed by Lingoes Project.
  • See a picture from a photographers eye.
  • Take a look at the photos to see what you can get.

are you interested in all things photographic as do all aspects of a photograph? The picture does not have to be the actual one. It may be a good idea to check out Opanada IEXIF. As part of the download, you'll be able to see all parts of the picture as well as get detailed information about the back story. Would you like to know much about a particular photographer?? Downloaded in a free form, this program can tell you which perspective the photographer takes, what model the camera uses, and maybe even more info about the photographer. The Opanda app helps you to take your own shots, including this one, through various modes.

You can find out what camera was used to take the picture, why and where.

Ondor Software for Windows is an free download that is easy to install. Using Opanda, it is possible to view Exif / GPS / IPTC files without having to remove data from the image. Aside from being compatible with older versions of Windows, Opanada IEXIF works on any other version of Windows installed on your computer. A tool developed by the Lingoes project to facilitate using games.to-Kevin Yau's dictionary and text translation software can be used. Software from this free group was used to make Opanda.

Learn about the backstory behind the photo you admire, which is amazing for taking your photography to another level. Download Opanada onto any computer, and dive straight into an entirely new world of photographs.

Online photo software Opanda is free to download. In addition to showing you your perspective from the photographers' side, it provides you with information about the cameras. With this guide, you will learn how to take some good pictures and get information on the color scheme, ankle size, and level of light in your shot.
I think a nice thing about Opanda is that it seems so simple. Having to wrap my mind around the idea of seeing the perspective of the photograph from one angle or another seems quite difficult. We didn't find the pictures helpful either in explaining how to use the software. Despite the fact that it seems very handy for those who are new to photography, or for those trying their hand at it.
I have no doubt about how the software would process perspective, but I think I want to find out for myself first. Opanda is very innovative and interesting. I have no doubt about how it might react to perspective. When I try to get a photograph while laying down, sometimes I can find myself either shooting from low to the ground by my back, or on my abdomen. Generally speaking, one thing you have to keep in mind is whether your set up and what camera you used will be stored. In general, just one-off, single-location photography leaves me forgetting some of what I shot. I would like the ability to see exactly what settings are selected. The product does appear to be really nifty, creative, and smart.
sisulizer.is a professional software that displays digital photos, It is made to browse IExif/GPS/IPTC data, it uses TIPP6, and it supports several popular extensions.
is amazing since it knows so many details. I feel that I am unsure about its accuracy. This tool is a lot more advanced than the one you typically use to look for cameras that were used to take photos. For example, it helps find lenses that were used or certain other items when trying to discover why certain actions were being taken.
Considering that Photoshop is something other users may prefer, this program may serve as an indispensable tool to use. As well as the perspectives the photographer offers, we think it is interesting, creative, and surprising. Professional photographers should consider this option.
Samuel Huber
An in-depth explanation of the camera model, setting up where to capture photos, as well as information regarding how to get the best images from an iExif can be found.
Great software, thank you very much. Since I have gotten better at using this tool, it has gained information that helps me learn how to take a photo, how the camera's model is, how the shutter is worked, and several other details. My excitement grows when I think no one has found or recommended it yet. My relief at the thought has been tremendous. Get it. Use it. Thank me.
IExif from Opanda uses many of the same features, but is easier to use and user-accessible.This tool is suitable for editing IExif data in images. Firefox is a version of Internet Explorer that also supports Microsoft Outlook.Beginners will find it invaluable. As a result, known errors are resolved. it is multi-language versions.
A digital camera can be used with this software to enable it to see all of the details from all images taken with it. In this software, you can precisely determine where the image was taken, a valuable feature. It is possible to export the EXIF data from a photograph to an XML or TXT file that is used for cataloging photography. Software product provided by Myrprise would definitely be recommended to anyone operating a Nikon camera. Getting the shutter release, checking the spec for a photo, and so on are a complicated process.
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