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A text and voice calling application

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ooVoo

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The ooVoo program allows you to communicate with friends, relatives and business partners. It provides high definition video and audio. ooVoo is a free application that uses the most advanced audio and video technologies to enable you to communicate via the Internet with a webcam. By using this application, you will be able to stay in touch with members of your family. The number of people to participate in a single round is limited.on-The webcam conversation or invitation can be broadcast using either one microphone or one audio mixer, if the computer's processors are Intel (Pentium 4, with a 1 GHz processor or higher) or Samsung (Solar).

In order to enjoy quality video and audio, you will need to download and upload files using your broadband connection (e.g.Internet services such as DSL or cable). you can view the information about every single person that you have online, so you are easily able to schedule an appointment to talk with them by video conferencing. Users can also record, message, chat, and share files with friends using this app, which is very easy to use.

- Having a conversation with five people at one time is possible;

- You're on your way out of dialing emails? Video messages are now available for sending to friends while on holiday; e you can send video messages to one or more friends on holiday;

- You should add the ooVoo link on your blogs or MySpace pages.

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If you know Skype well, then you can probably understand its shortcomings. You are also familiar with Twitter, a popular messaging app for social media. A new Windows messaging tool gives workarounds for some of these difficulties, called ooVoo. Your computer can not only serve as a virtual network connecting to your family and friends; as long as you have a browser that supports Firefox and Edge. Facebook's messaging platform directly connects users with contacts, making it unique.
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