On the top of your windows you should always have your desired window.

Operating system: Windows

Release: OnTopReplica 2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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OnTopReplica displays any desired window on top of all your windows in real time which is very useful for many programmers, or even if you just want to watch a video as you work.


  • You can also place your selected window above all your open applications.
  • OnTopReplica gives you multiple sizes to show your window, even full size and locks into your desired corner.
  • The opacity of the window may be changed if you wish "see-" instead.through"
  • Adjustable mouse controls so you can interact with your windows to your work style, use clickthrough or ignore clicks on the window.

Having OnTopReplica (for Windows) on top of your system to keep your program open continuously is a must-do for coders, business executives, or users that need the program constantly. It makes monitoring particular windows very easy, for example Code and YouTube videos you can monitor as easily and continuously as you do window workflow.

The real-time replica of any window allows viewers to keep an eye on a window without having to manually enter and exit between rooms.

the opacity of your window can be changed as well as the mouse interactions and the size of your window, changes InTopReplica also gives you the option to change the opacity of the window, adjust your mouse interactions, change window sizes and much more. It is now available free in the GitHub depository of all the software companies. I highly recommend this download!

  • Microsoft Windows Vista or greater
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.
  • Desktop Composition (a.k.a. Windows Aero) enabled.
Its main benefit is to allow one to pick and choose the appropriate window from an open window to cover. Thanks to OnTopReplica, no matter what window you open, the one you desire will always be displayed. With OnTopReplica, it's never been easier to uninstall favourite windows. Don't worry, it will continue to exist no matter what!!
Wow! My Windows experience has been simplified through OnTopReplica. A task can be assigned to more than one and the look given to the task at hand will change accordingly. It provides users with opacity, transparency, and other filters to make their experience even more intuitive. If you want your Windows experience simplified, look no further than this product.
With this tool, hotkeys, opacity can be customized easily. Also features such as resizing windows, border and show borders can be viewed. Each person can easily create their own unique Windows appearance using it. Additionally to this, there are a large number of different options available that allow you to have a perfect fit.
Nathan Freed
Do windows often o work or study on the computer? Windows users who want their apps automatically retrieved from the web have a solution with OnTopReplica. If it isn't free, it will work only on computers. All windows and tabs are maintained no hassle in Windows and tabs with no hassle!
According to its name, OnTopReplica for Windows allows you to duplicate/clone an item so that if that's something you desire you can track it in real time.
You can keep track of many tabs using OnTopReplica for Windows. This software did not take long to download and, from what I could tell, was quite easy to use. At this time, I do not view this as being much use, but in my opinion, it is great to have the ability to carry out these functions whenever necessary.
Windows-based OnTopReplica is a program that duplicates an open window and makes it more customizable. As well as stay above the rest of the frames, the duplicated window should be minimized. In addition to that, the software supports changing the sizes and transparency of the windows as well as hiding their borders. As well, the software is great for doing other tasks while in use, such as watching movies, watching youtube videos, reading articles, and playing games. zoom into a target location to give a better view, as well as lock its place on your computer.
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