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Update to Version 4

Sisulizer version 4 is a paid update recommended for all Sisulizer customers.

Update to Sisulizer 4

Still using Sisulizer 3 or Sisulizer 1.x/2008/2010?

Time to update to version 4 now and profit from all new features in version 4.

Software Localization News

Version 4 Build 374 released


The new build comes with many new features. [...]



Tutorials updated [...]

.NET Support updated


New in May 2018: [...]

Sisulizer 4 Build 366


Build 366 - support for Visual Studio 2017 [...]

10 Years Sisulizer


Celebrate and save Big. [...]

Our customers use Sisulizer...

to reach international customers with software in their language

to localize their in-house software in the international subsidiaries

to build multilingual custom software for their clients' enterprises

as Localization Service Providers because it is the localization tool of their customers

to localize software at Government Agencies

To teach software localization at Universities

for software localization on Electronic Devices

To translate software for Biomedical Hardware

to localize software in the Mining Industry

to create multilingual software for Mechanical Engineering



When working with translation grid you find the following shortcuts useful:

Shortcut Description
F2 Turns cell into to edit mode. This equals double clicking the cell.
Removes the selected item from its current position and places it on the clipboard.
Inserts the contents of the clipboard into the active position on the project. If data in the clipboard contains several lines then lines are pasted on cells following the selected cell.
Places an exact copy of the selected item on the clipboard and leave the original untouched. Copy replaces the current clipboard contents with the selected item.
Ctrl+Z Undoes the last action.
Ctrl+Y Redoes the last undo action.
Del Removes the selected item from its current position.
Ctrl+Alt+A Select all cells on the project.
Ctrl+F Opens a Find dialog that lets you find text.
Ctrl+H Opens a Replace dialog that lets you replace text.
F3 Finds the next item matching to the previous find parameters.
Ctrl+Alt+G Jump to previous untranslated item in the translation grid.
Ctrl+G Jump to next untranslated item in the translation grid.
Ctrl+A Selects all cells in the current column.
Ctrl+T Set the selected row status to the next status value.
Ctrl+R Mark or unmark current row with Read Only state.
Ctrl+Alt+C Paste original value to the selected language cell.
Ctrl+M Edit row comment.
Ctrl+E Exclude current row from the project by the document context value.
Ctrl+Alt+E Exclude current row from the project by the native value. If the project contains several rows having the same native value this excludes them all from the project.
Ctrl+Left Arrow Selects the left cell of the currently selected cell.
Ctrl+Right Arrow Selects the right cell of the currently selected cell.
Ctrl+Up Arrow Selects the upper cell of the currently selected cell.
Ctrl+Down Arrow Selects the bottom cell of the currently selected cell.

You can edit shot cuts by using short cut dialog (Tools | Short Cuts).