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Update to Version 4

Sisulizer version 4 is a paid update recommended for all Sisulizer customers.

Update to Sisulizer 4

Still using Sisulizer 3 or Sisulizer 1.x/2008/2010?

Time to update to version 4 now and profit from all new features in version 4.

Software Localization News

Version 4 Build 374 released


The new build comes with many new features. [...]



Tutorials updated [...]

.NET Support updated


New in May 2018: [...]

Sisulizer 4 Build 366


Build 366 - support for Visual Studio 2017 [...]

10 Years Sisulizer


Celebrate and save Big. [...]

Our customers use Sisulizer...

to reach international customers with software in their language

to localize their in-house software in the international subsidiaries

to build multilingual custom software for their clients' enterprises

as Localization Service Providers because it is the localization tool of their customers

to localize software at Government Agencies

To teach software localization at Universities

for software localization on Electronic Devices

To translate software for Biomedical Hardware

to localize software in the Mining Industry

to create multilingual software for Mechanical Engineering


Project Tree Properties

Use this dialog to configure how the project tree looks and works.


Use this sheet to specify how the pane should look like.


Specifies the visual pane settings.

Value Description
Auto expand nodes If checked expands a node automatically when it is selected.
Hide selection when loses focus If checked the selected item is not highlighted when the control does not have focus.
Highlight text by row status Draws texts with bold and colored font if status is other than in use.
Mark completed nodes If all rows on node has been translated with complete status marks node with complete icon.
Mark read only nodes If checked every component that has been set to Read Only will be marked by a small icon.
Show row status Draws a row status icon after text if status is other than in use.
Show translation statistics If checked the translation progress of each node will be show as percentages right after the node captions.
Repaint windows when user is holding down an arrow key When you hold down an arrow key, multiple up or down key event will be generated. I you want to draw selected node completely on each move, please check this. Moving will slow down a little bit.


Scroll Bars specifies if the project tree uses scroll bars. Possible values are:

Value Description
No scroll bars
Horizontal Horizontal scroll bars
Vertical Vertical scroll bars
Both Both horizontal and vertical scroll bars

Text Cutting specifies how long strings is cut. Possilbe values are:

Value Description
No cutting is done
Left String is cut from the left side and cut part is replaced with ...
This is a long string -> ... long string
Center String is cut in the middle and cut part is replaced with ...
This is a long string -> This i...string
Right String is cut from the right side and cut part is replaced with ...
This is a long string -> This is a lon...


Specifies the font that is used in the pane.


Use this sheet to customize how the toolbar of the project tree looks like.


Determines the toolbar options.

Value Description
Visible If checked toolbar is visible. If unchecked toolbar is not shown.
Show Captions Determines whether text captions are displayed on tool buttons.
Show Hints Determines whether the control displays a Help Hint when the mouse pointer rests momentarily on the control.

Icon size

Determines the icon size.

Value Description
Small icons If selected toolbar uses small icons.
Large icons If selected toolbar uses large icons.

Icon layout

Determines where the image or text appears on the speed button.

Value Description
Left The image appears near the left side of the button
Right The image appears near the right side of the button
Top The image appears near the top of the button
Bottom The image appears near the bottom of the button