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Update to Version 4

Sisulizer version 4 is a paid update recommended for all Sisulizer customers.

Update to Sisulizer 4

Still using Sisulizer 3 or Sisulizer 1.x/2008/2010?

Time to update to version 4 now and profit from all new features in version 4.

Software Localization News

Version 4 Build 374 released


The new build comes with many new features. [...]



Tutorials updated [...]

.NET Support updated


New in May 2018: [...]

Sisulizer 4 Build 366


Build 366 - support for Visual Studio 2017 [...]

10 Years Sisulizer


Celebrate and save Big. [...]

Our customers use Sisulizer...

to reach international customers with software in their language

to localize their in-house software in the international subsidiaries

to build multilingual custom software for their clients' enterprises

as Localization Service Providers because it is the localization tool of their customers

to localize software at Government Agencies

To teach software localization at Universities

for software localization on Electronic Devices

To translate software for Biomedical Hardware

to localize software in the Mining Industry

to create multilingual software for Mechanical Engineering


Project Options

Use this dialog to set the general project options.


Use this sheet to specify the project options, what kind of strings are always excluded, and some validation symbols.

Exclude strings that contain only the following characters

If a string contains only characters listed in the edit box Sisulizer excluded the string. The exclude characters are specifies by the following options:

Options Description
Use exclude characters If checked enables the string excluding based on the exclude characters. The edit below the check box contains the exclude characters.
For instance specifying '0123456789' in the list will prevent Sisulizer from adding strings in the project that contain only digits.
Add control chars to the list If checked control characters (e.g. characters whose ASCII value is less than32) are added to the above exclude list when processing strings.
Add white space to the list If checked white space characters (e.g. space, tab, line feed, carriage return) are added to the above exclude list when processing strings.
Exclude empty strings If checked empty strings are not scanned.

Ignore exclude characters when

This is enabled if above Use exclude characters is checked. This lets you ignore exclude characters using with certain strings:

Options Description
Message strings Check this if you want to scan also those message strings that contain only excluded characters.
Version numbers Check this if you want to scan also those version numbers that contain only excluded characters.


Property options specify the state of the whole project. Possible options are:



Project is in translate only mode If checked the project is in translate only mode. In that mode you can only translate rows and edit the properties of the visual control. Other functions e.g. changing the properties of a source or adding a new source is not allowed.
Lock all components If checked the layout of visual controls can not be changed.
Hide all the excluded rows If checked the excluded rows are hidden. If unchecked the excluded rows are visible but disabled.

Alternative original

Original language is the language that is used in the original files (e.g. those files that you localized). In most cases the original language is also the source language where the translator translates from. For example if your original files are in English and you want to localize to German and Japanese you need to have a translator that can translate from English to German and another translator that can translate from English to Japanese. Usually English is the best choice for original language because it is likely that you can find much more translator from English to your target language as for example from French to your target languages. By setting alternative original language to some other than none Sisulizer does not show the original strings in the original column but translated string in the selected language. This makes it possible to change the translator language pair suitable for your translator.

When building use translations that have at least this status

This combo box specifies the minimum translation status that are used when building localized items. By default this is the lowest translation status, Not translated, that means all translation are used no matter what the status is. If you set this value to any higher value then Sisulizer uses only those translations that have translation status equal or higher than the value specified here.

Validation symbols

This edit contains the characters that the Missing symbol validation uses. If the original string contains any of these characters but the translation does not then a validation item is generated in the validation list. This is useful for instance if some string contain the copyright character


Use this sheet to specify the project information. All values are optional.


A string that describes the author of the project.


Email address of the author. Sisulizer uses this when sending information to the author. For example if the translator founds an spelling error on the original value Sisulizer can automatically generate report email for the author.


A string that describes the organization of the author.


A string that describes the project.


Triggers are used to notify users to do some task that should be done every now and then. Validating and removing unused items are such task. If you want Sisulizer not to notify you uncheck those tasks.