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Update to Version 4

Sisulizer version 4 is a paid update recommended for all Sisulizer customers.

Update to Sisulizer 4

Still using Sisulizer 3 or Sisulizer 1.x/2008/2010?

Time to update to version 4 now and profit from all new features in version 4.

Software Localization News

Version 4 Build 374 released


The new build comes with many new features. [...]



Tutorials updated [...]

.NET Support updated


New in May 2018: [...]

Sisulizer 4 Build 366


Build 366 - support for Visual Studio 2017 [...]

10 Years Sisulizer


Celebrate and save Big. [...]

Our customers use Sisulizer...

to reach international customers with software in their language

to localize their in-house software in the international subsidiaries

to build multilingual custom software for their clients' enterprises

as Localization Service Providers because it is the localization tool of their customers

to localize software at Government Agencies

To teach software localization at Universities

for software localization on Electronic Devices

To translate software for Biomedical Hardware

to localize software in the Mining Industry

to create multilingual software for Mechanical Engineering



In addition of normal hard drive installation you can install Sisulizer on a removable drive, on a network drive, on a USB stick or even on DVD/CD disk. You can even install multiple copies of Sisulizer on a single computer.

XP Installation

If you install Sisulizer on Windows XP Sisulizer setup installs all files into the target directory that you specify (e.g. C:\Program files (x86)\Sisulizer 4). No files are installed outside this directory or its sub directories.

Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10 Installation

By default the Program Files folder is read only in Vista and later. This is why Sisulizer setup installs that directory only those files that do not need to be modifies during Sisulizer usage. Files that need to be modified such as settings and translation memory files are always installed on your personal directory. For example in English Vista this is C:\Users\<your name>\Documents\Sisulizer 4. Samples files are also installed to the same personal directory. You can force Sisulizer setup to install samples files on the main installation directory but then you have to run Sisulizer as administrator in order to be able to modify those files.

Build Automation Server Installation

If you check Make build automation setup that installs only SlMake.exe in the setup application only SlMake and files needed by it will be installed. Use this option when installing Sisulizer into your build automation server. If you use your development machine as your build server then install a normal installation.

Installing into removable drive

You can install Sisulizer on a removable drive such as USB stick or memory card. In this case even when installing on Vista all files are installed into the target directory (e.g. C:\Program files (x86)\Sisulizer 4), just like in XP. You can run Sisulizer from the stick on any computer matching the minimum system requirement by plugging the stick or drive in to the computer. To run Sisulizer start <install_directory>\Sisulizer.exe on your drive.

Installing into DVD/CD drive

You can install Sisulizer on a DVD/CD disk. Just install Sisulizer on your DVD/CD drive and run it on any computer. Samples files are installed on the installation directory on DVD/CD but settings and translation memory files are installed on your personal directory of the computer when you run Sisulizer. When you run CD on some other computer but the one where you original installed it Sisulizer will create new settings and translation memory files on the personal directory of that computer.

Multiple installations on a single computer

You can install multiple Sisulizer on a single computer. When installing second or later Sisulizer make sure that you choose Make a fresh installation on the Existing Installations sheet of Sisulizer setup. Also make sure that the installation directory is different from the ones already installed.

Making your own installation

Making your own Sisulizer installation is extremely easy. Just copy Sisulizer.exe and run it. Sisulizer does not need any registry settings or COM registrations. It does not even need any DLL files to work. It can use several DLL files and COM objects but they are not necessary needed. Everything that is needed is linked inside the Sisulizer application, Sisulizer.exe. This makes it possible to just copy Sisulizer.exe into a directory and run. Such an installation starts as Sisulizer Free Edition but if you enter a valid license key it turns into a full Sisulizer version. If you run the copied Sisulizer.exe in XP for first time it will create the settings and translation memory files in the same directory when you copied Sisulizer.exe. If you start Sisulizer on Vista or later those files will be created on your personal directory.