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Update to Version 4

Sisulizer version 4 is a paid update recommended for all Sisulizer customers.

Update to Sisulizer 4

Still using Sisulizer 3 or Sisulizer 1.x/2008/2010?

Time to update to version 4 now and profit from all new features in version 4.

Software Localization News

Version 4 Build 374 released


The new build comes with many new features. [...]



Tutorials updated [...]

.NET Support updated


New in May 2018: [...]

Sisulizer 4 Build 366


Build 366 - support for Visual Studio 2017 [...]

10 Years Sisulizer


Celebrate and save Big. [...]

Our customers use Sisulizer...

to reach international customers with software in their language

to localize their in-house software in the international subsidiaries

to build multilingual custom software for their clients' enterprises

as Localization Service Providers because it is the localization tool of their customers

to localize software at Government Agencies

To teach software localization at Universities

for software localization on Electronic Devices

To translate software for Biomedical Hardware

to localize software in the Mining Industry

to create multilingual software for Mechanical Engineering


General Settings | Settings

Use this sheet to set the general settings.


Specifies the environment options. Possible values are:

Value Description
Restore project If checked Sisulizer automatically open the most previous project when starting the application.
Restore desktop If checked Sisulizer restores the desktop settings when starting the application.
Enable screen tips If checked the screen tips are shown. Tips contain extra information about the user interface elements. When hovering above an user interface item Sisulizer shows the tip (if any) in a popup window.
Map unknown components by keywords If checked Sisulizer tries to map the unknown components using the keyword list.
Create backup project file If checked the current project file (.slp) will be renamed to .~slp before overwriting the file. The .~slp contains the previous project data.
Save project before run If checked Sisulizer saves the project before running or showing the localized item.
Build localized file before run if needed If checked Sisulizer creates localized item before run if the project has been modified since the last build process.
Check project file version If checked Sisulizer checks if the project file to be opened is created with newer Sisulizer. If it is Sisulizer warns and open the download page where the user can download an upgrade.
Use Office look in menus If checked Sisulizer uses Office kind of menus.
Use Office look in toolbars If checked Sisulizer uses Office kind of tool bars.
Remove unused items automatically If a source in your project will be modified or you exclude some items, those excluded items won't be scanned anymore. They will be marked to Unused. If you check this option those unused items (rows, components and nodes) will be removed automatically after the scanning process. Sisulizer removes automatically only those items that do not have any translations. To remove items that have translations choose Project | Remove unused items.
Trim translations automatically If checked Sisulizer removes empty translations when opening a project (same effect as the Project | Trim Translations menu command).
Confirm clear row status If checked Sisulizer prompts user before clearing rows statuses of every row in the project.
Prompt for excluding binary items If checked Sisulizer checks if there are untranslated binary resources (images, icons, cursors, ...) in the project when opening the project file. If there are Sisulizer asks if the user wants to exclude binary resources.
Register COM objects If checked Sisulizer tries to register COM objects that it uses if they are not already registered.
Show features that are not licensed If checked Sisulizer shows menu items that are not currently licensed.
Validate only translated hotkeys If checked Sisulizer validates only hotkeys in the strings that are translated and ignores hotkeys validation on strings that are not translated.
Use filter on validation If checked Sisulizer validates only those rows that are set visible by the current filter. If unchecked Sisulizer validates all rows, even those set hidden by the current filter.
Check updates automatically If checked Sisulizer checks if there is a new Sisulizer version available. This will check only for free minor updates.
Show splash screen If checked Sisulizer shows the splash screen when the applications starts.
Show How to Translate dialog If checked Sisulizer shows How to Translate dialog after you have created a new project.
Clean temporal files If unchecked Sisulizer does not remove temporal files. Use this feature together with detailed output log if you want to figure out why an compilation (e.g. XAML or CHM) fails.

Update translation date of

Specifies if the translation date is updated after certain operations. Possible operations are:

Value Description
Automatic translations If checked Sisulizer sets the translation date to current date even if the translation is automatically translated.
Import translations If checked Sisulizer sets the translation date to current date even if the translation is imported.
Pseudo translations If checked Sisulizer sets the translation date to current date even if the translation is a pseudo translation.

Enabled main view items

Specifies the images that the main view shows. Possible values are:

Value Description
Recent projects If checked the main view shows list of recent projects.
Recent news If checked the main view shows recent news.
Tip of the day If checked the main view shows tip of the day.

Language options

Specifies the initial settings of keyboard layout and IME of the language being edited. Possible values are:

Value Description
Automatically selects keyboard by language If checked Sisulizer sets the keyboard layout (if any) to match the language being edited.
Automatically activates IME by language If checked Sisulizer turns on the IME of the language if any.

These values are the initial values of new projects. Once you have created a project you can change the settings per language by choosing Column | Language Properties.

Maximum character count

Specifies the maximum character count that are shown in a cell of a translation grid. If the value is longer than this limit only the first characters up to this limit is shown.