Offline Explorer Enterprise

by MetaProducts Corporation

Download and view web pages offline

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MetaProducts Corporation

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Offline Explorer Enterprise is an offline browser that allows you to download an unlimited number of favorite WEB and FTP sites so that you can read or edit them later without an Internet connection.

Besides being integrated with a browser internal, Offline Explorer includes some built-in tools for handling various types of Web site data in downloaded documents - you are able to edit, view or search for details. With this program, you can search keyword databases, servers, directories, and files on a variety of topics (ON or OFF).

With this application, you can download almost any website quickly and easily, as it is known for its outstanding user interface.

support of FTP, various proxy servers, Java scripts, VB, style sheets (CSS) and Java classes, Flash Table of Contents (TOC), XML/XSL/DTD and Acrobat (PDF formats), M3U, AAM files and RealMedia.SMIL.By using this application you will be able to copy all the files from the loaded sites to a newer format without requiring too much RAM.

- Using the easy-to-use WEB file finder provides access to FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, and RTSP files in a very short amount of time.

- Users of HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and [email protected] proxy have full support;

- Up to 500 files at a time can be uploaded; the ability to Upload up to 500 files at a time;

- the external browser as well as the internal browser) (note: The externally accessible browser must be an upgrade to the internal browser, not the external browser). To use this option, MSIE 3 is required.02 or higher);

- The Internal Browser can be downloaded to print the downloaded pages. In addition to printing the entire site, you can also edit and publish the entire document.

- Downloading websites can be placed in the Internet or exported to a variety of directories.

- The ease of copying downloaded files when using Offline Explorer's relative path translation makes these files easy to move.

- By dragging and dropping links, you are able to use the drag & drop option.Browsers and browsers directly support and drop technology; ].

- a lot of projects are not created manually or automatically; that is to say they must be created manually; a lot of workers use welding machines.

- We offer a complete toolbar that provides customized user interfaces and a flexible New Project Wizard.

- The program can run background programs ;

- Links from Java script, Java classes, style sheets (RSS, etc.).The most common open-source format is CSS.SFW).

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