by OfficeTime

A tracking utility for time and resources

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: OfficeTime

Release: OfficeTime 1.94

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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OfficeTime is a handy utility for users looking to track time and expenses, as well as other aspects. There are a lot of nice features offered by this software. Its user interface is simple and elegant. By monitoring time, users can monitor other aspects of their lives. This tool is simple to use, has some special features, and comes with a multitude of other applications. All aspects of it are tracked by the user. Users will find that this solution is both easy to learn and intuitively suited for all levels and backgrounds. Users can easily invoice and define phone/internet hours for clients and employees. Syncing Officetime and other applications is also available. A few key aspects include tracking expenditures and using time tracking systems. Time tracking is made more efficient with this app, and billable hours will increase if your productivity is accurate.

OfficeTime also provides easy analysis, which can be comprehended with ease, and this comes in the forms of pie charts and other charts and graphical elements that effectively convey the statuses of different elements. In addition to spending time and resources, time is also lost when the performance is low. Users are able to view and monitor their efficiency and productivity visually as well.

OfficeTime has all that you would need to have everything that you need within the interface in order to successfully track time and earnings, as well as visually see how these aspects are changing through time.

Offers a visual graphical and chart display of previous tracking of time and resources for easy analysis

  • Time and resource keeping
  • Monitoring
  • Visual display of resources and elements
  • Syncs to different platforms
  • Simple and elegant
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