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Open multiple tabs in a windows operated serveer

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Office Tab Enterprise extends the capabilities of Microsoft Office applications by adding tabs as well as additional editing and document management tools. An ordinary Microsoft Office program allows you only to view and edit a few documents at a time. Office Tab Enterprise adds a system of tabs and allows you to view multiple documents in the same way that you can now view web pages in Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Google Chrome and other browsers. With it, you can work with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Project and Visio documents.

Multiple document types can be saved and closed at once. Once each of the open documents has been saved and closed separately, this will no longer be necessary. The new functions "Save all" and "Close all" are sufficient for me to use them.

Divide the documents by opening a document and adding it to a group. Group work may be done in the following ways: Opening a group of documents, closing a group of documents, and saving a group of documents is some of the ways to organize groups.

- With several documents and several different types of information;

- Quickly renaming of files; making sure they are always in one place.

- Its entire name appears;

- Context menu options can be expanded; e more.

- Change the location of the tab to a different area of the web.

- Tabs can be changed in style.

Well-Using this software you can view documents simultaneously on multiple computers. Easy to use and does not require a large hard drive.
Creates a tabbed interface with Microsoft Office. It can be used for editing and reading. There are numerous Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office programs that utilize this tool. Simply Convenient. One Click Download. Manage Documents Quickly. Adapted from Microsoft Office.
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