Office Library

by Data Village

Seamlessly store files in a single database for easy grab and go

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Data Village

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

Office Library is a program that allows you to work with the most popular formats of documents, videos and other information resources for home or office. The program is aimed at owners of private libraries and small companies.

The simple and convenient interface of the system differs with an abundance of settings and allows you to enter the image of the title cover of the book and several related (no more than 6 images of the format JPG, BMP, GIF, etc.) into the database Office Library and mark its location on the shelf. A user may enter more than twenty information fields using the settings or name provided in the book or video product's settings. These options enable the user to enter everything the book or video product should have.

A multi-volume office library is available within the Office Library.The directory can be sorted and filtered based on a powerful level classification system that makes searching and sorting much more straightforward. Thanks to the powerful function of the software, it is possible to put the Library Catalogue online via the browser - by generating HTML HTML content.There is a possibility that the list can be viewed in advance (with the exception of this report.

The viewing and addition functions in the program begin immediately after the user launches the program. Using Office Library takes little time - oes not take much time - Navigate to the bottom of the program window where the toolbar displays all of the main functions. This program includes an integrated Windows interface so you don't have to spend time manually switching from program to program.based Help system.

- This powerful search engine is also called the X-Files or Bing.

- Searching the Internet;

- By developing an HTML report on the web, publishing it to the Web, etc.

- There are more than 20 customization fields available for the book description.

- Images of the book in JPG format, with a nd, supported formats are JPG, BMP, GIF, etc;

- a multi-level classification;

- Reporting systems capable of creating universal reports;

- Create a report based on tables and HTML -format;

- a convenient reference;

- Demo program using advertising banners available for free!!

- is not russified.

The software works with many formats well.Users will get 20 information fields, this is great.When you first begin adding things to your account, the site provides a viewing window, and you can also add more.Check out this free program if you wish to see if weather conditions can be expected.
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