by Microsoft OffCAT

Provides accurate reports related to Office programs (such as Outlook)

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft OffCAT

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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(which is no longer available since Microsoft support and recovery assistant have taken over), performs accurate reports related to Office programs (such as outlook) and offers service in-browsers as well.They can also be resolved using depth scans so as to pinpoint these issues.

OffCAT better known today as 'Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant' is a free software that provides critical detailed information related to all your Office programs. In order to help you resolve any issues with your program, the software will perform deep scans. offers a simple solution while taking up minimal space, which allows you to identify critical issues and maintain the very best performance of your Office programs.


You will not need much space on your devices to run this software, which is free.
  • Issues related to Outlook, such as hang-ups, are identified.The computer freezes and ups, fails to reply to emails, hangs, and gets in trouble with multiple calendar issues..
  • Has an updated version available for download now called "Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant"
  • Also supports Office setup, Dynamics 365, and One Drive for business
  • Will perform Mobile support as well

If you are a user of Microsoft Office programs such as Outlook Express, this software is essential in identifying key issues that could cause performance issues with your programs.

Please Note: Originally called OffCAT, Microsft Support and Recovery Assistant (now known as Microsft), is now available as a download for free.

You can access information about the configuration of your office program through a detailed response to the installed programs. This is a free download that should be installed by most users of computers, and I believe there are a lot of awesome applications there. The tool is a very good data analytics tool as well as a perfect office configuration tool. This app includes many office functions.
Microsoft Office users can monitor and fix problem areas using Offcat software. The configuration of the software can make the software extremely useful and effective. OnOFFCAT scans MS Office and provides assistance by detecting malfunctions due to errors from the configuration which causes performance issues. Having a click of the start button gives them instant access to the functionality to perform the scanning and report any malfunctions.
Its feature is really useful when trying to set up all the Microsoft Office configurations, it enables it to scan and create a detailed report and help you to fix all the MS Office configurations.
My computer has been very productive with this program. It is very fast and takes no longer than a few minutes. Describe the problems and where they are by describing the report in detail.
Essentially, it helps you locate any configuration problems in your version of MS Office.Whether or not one is familiar with this interface, it is extremely intuitive.In addition, you will find a window that tells you more about the options available, as well as a tool to help you get to them fast.
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