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A free audio editor software with cross-platform support

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ocenaudio development

Release: Ocenaudio 3.6.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ocenaudio, based on the robust Ocean Framework, is a user-Easy-to-use and convenient audio editor that work on Mac, Linux and Windows. Statehood does not make it easier or more complex to do business in this state.of-the-With this program you'll be able to edit and check your audio files quickly and effectively. This program allows you to temporarily keep audio files in the background while you perform other tasks and minimizes the amount of time required to do them. In real-time, previewing effects is possible before finalizing the application. podcasters!!


  • Advanced memory management system
  • Preview effects in real time
  • Support multiple audio files and tracks
  • Effects application such as reverb and delay
  • Simple one-click editor
  • Ability to apply its most recent action to multiple files at once
  • Playback control allowing you to hear how your plugin will make the audio sound before you apply it.
  • Customization of keyboard shortcuts

Creating and editing recordings with this software is simple but powerful. Filters from the filter range available include some of the best options and it supports multiple formats.Filters should also be selected with additional ins. offers good portability with the tools, and it is easy to use. When compared to other programs, it does not overwhelm like some do. It's a great audio editing program, just like those of course. It won't freeze files or crash because of the well-written technology.

The ability to edit, record, check, evaluate, rate, record and convert audio files of many formats is very easy! Here are a few examples. In addition to being able to handle MP3 and WAV files, the tool can extract audio from your playlists as well.

Easy navigation, user-The game is friendly with many features and effects, and its the best....it's FREE! This is a good sign.Audio editor that is suitable for artists and podcasters alike as well as for those who create music or play their music.

Specifications:Platforms:Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Server,Mac OS X,LinuxVersion:3.6.4

With Audio Editor for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, your audio files will be instantly edited. Statehood does not make it easier or more complex to do business in this state.of-the-With this program you'll be able to edit and check your audio files quickly and effectively. This program allows you to temporarily keep audio files in the background while you perform other tasks and minimizes the amount of time required to do them. It is possible to preview effects in real-time before you even run the program.
Ethan Alanis
An audio editor of this quality is Ocenaudio. With this application, you can drag and drop files from one server to another in no time at all and customize the sound to suit your needs. Free makes all the difference, especially when it comes to mobile technology.
The editing features of Ocenaudio allow me to edit everything. Every device I own uses this program to work efficiently and quickly. An audio editor for the advanced novice is easy enough to use since it contains an easy-to-use interface. You will be able to edit your audio files not only in Ocenaudio, but in depth as well.
This product could be well suited to running on the Linez platform as it was based on a Windows application. It targets a particular type of market segment, which offers tremendous ideas as well as an excellent system capability. With a core-market segment, there is plenty of potential for this type of product. All in all, a fantastic product, with a great deal of vision to build upon.
The OpenCaster for Windows software program is a utility that allows for audio editing. Multi-tiered databases enable it to serve more than one segment of an audience.Open platform software called Ocen Framework provides access to a wide range of software applications. It is quite possible to clean up all the noise in audio files so they don't make you cringe. Using voice over is used more often by actors and it is so free, that is awesome!! Although I was not able to download it for free, I found that it was very similar to software like Audacity. People with even basic knowledge of the struggles to find such an affordable solution makes it an excellent choice as it is free and similar to Audacity. In my opinion, this software does not support Multi-Input.track. There are several aspects to consider when editing or recording audio.
Among the tools offered by Oncenaudio, it has the greatest potential for editing audio quickly and easily. Despite the fact that it's too small to do much work on your computer, it works flawlessly no matter what files or programs are running in the background at the time. Cross-related to the use of oucenaudio is also being explored.platform! Originally developed around simplicity, Ocen Framework forms the basis of this software.
What is ocenaudio? It is a cross-platform audio editor that is simple and intuitive to use. You can edit your audio very quickly and easily with this easy-to-use editor. Audio editing and processing in this app is ideal for anyone who needs ease of use. Amateurs have the advantage of being able to edit audio using it, but the tool is able to be used by a more advanced user with good results. You can download it for free from the Windows Store or Mac App Store for all major operating systems.
For high-Users who are interested in editing audio and/or want a tool for audio programming at level audio or even for editing audio may be interested in Ocenaudio. A user who does audio editing should use Encodeaudio because it is designed for almost any type of audio editing. In addition to providing top performance both on its own and on multiple platforms, Ocenaudio is also light on its system, yet easy on the wallet. There is no limitations on what real-time effects can be used for.It even features an audio spectrogram, which lets Ocenaudio perform more advanced audio tunings.
There is an application available for Windows known as Ocenaudio that lets you quickly and easily add more audio clips. Despite its simplicity, its faster enhancement and small storage requirement, as well as ease of editing, makes it an excellent choice. The Ocenaudio editing program specializes in accurate editing of audio clips without errors in the quickest time possible. Its considerable features make it the best audio editing program. For operating systems other than Linux, ocenaudio can be used to retrieve files much faster.
While I cannot believe that this is free software, thanks to this software, I am glad that I adopted it. I enjoyed making this sound on social media. It seems that users find these really cool and unique. As for the UI, maybe a small refreshment would be nice, as it looks a little dated, but as for the functionality, it is not a problem!! 4.I rate this as only a simple nitpick with a rating of 9/5 stars. As such, I recommend this superb piece of software highly.
The most popular online audio library nowadays is Accomaudio that is free to download. found in the search engine for something Ocenaudio seems to have received positive reviews but it hasn't been seen captured as major strokes or passwords have been lost to capture.
Ocenaudio is what I use for my audio recordings. My job is to record children's books as a musician. I also do freelance transcription services for an audio company. When I first started using Ocenaudio, I couldn't find anything better than that. Using this software is easy, and I don't have to worry about freezing up my laptop when I work on other projects with it. These are supported by Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. With Opera, I can edit large files and have many features I didn't know existed. The software supports VITA as well. Real-It is essential for time-sensitive effects to be seen at first glance.
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