by Stardock

Have a Mac like dock on a Windows computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Stardock

Release: ObjectDock

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ObjectDock is an application from Stardock that allows you to have a Mac-When docked in a Windows computer, such a piece of software can function. There are plenty of customization options, a lot of animation, and it's very user-friendly. Also it can go hidden in between uses and appear again, when you lift the mouse to the position where it used to be. ObjectDock can streamline the windows experience and essentially replace the Windows toolbar, making all your favorite apps easy to find and use.


  • Highly Customizable - When clicking over icons, ObjectDock allows you to apply unique animated effects, and you can also customize the look and position of icons.
  • Multiple Docks - Having multiple docks at a time will allow you to create separate docks for similar apps so they can be stored. Using one dock when you are on your computer, then switch between two docks when using various programs.
  • Applying and dropping a drag and drop application launching is how it works. An application will open a quick document after you drag it to it as soon as you want to drag it to it within your dock. For example, if you were to drag a word document from your desktop to the Microsoft Word program on your ObjectDock it would open the document automatically on Microsoft Word
  • Tabbed Docks - Organize the contents of your desktop with tabs, the tabs on the docks make it easier to keep track of your desktop items in addition to storing and organizing documents, images, programs, links, while you switch between docks when using different tools at the same time.

Its easy to see why ObjectDock is considered by many to be the best animated dock on Windows. Your desktop will stay organized and your customization options will be much greater with this application. The app makes switching between your computer's different tasks and settings simple and seamless. By installing the cloud computing environment for ObjectDock you will be able to download files and light on resources.

Distribute a lot of customize options with a sleek dock.

Neither Windows 7 nor Windows 8 can be accessed with ObjectDock.

ObjectDock 1.2A (7.95 MB)
ObjectDock 2.0 (20.44 MB)
ObjectDock 2.1 (12.08 MB)
ObjectDock (12.08 MB)
Elle Jay
For Mac owners like me who grew up with computers, this is something great. Install an online version of Macs like an installed "dock" like Macs have onto your Windows PC! You will be able to customize it so you can make your desktop look great no matter when you are at work.
You configure your APPs and categorize them in an efficient manner with this easy to use program for Windows that lets you give your computer an MAC like dock. This software is a wonderful product that lets you create a huge range of custom options, has a wonderful interface, and is very intuitive. You will now be able to manage your apps with this software, which is a one-of-a-kind product.
If you are a Mac user and now use a Windows computer, ObjectDock for Windows is the right software for you. As there's no docking functionality on Windows from the Apple platform it allows users to return to familiarity. The Mac version of OpenDock is suitable for PCs which can no longer use the Mac feature.
Christopher Santos
I'm at an advantage with ObjectDock! The new system makes it easier than ever to access my classic programs. I like that it allows you to customize the look of the card. I can detect a bit of lag occasionally, but that's nothing to be concerned about.
A host of features are available for dock usage through this fancy program. In addition, it hides until you move your mouse, which provides one of them. Tab docking, customized menu items, and drag-and-drop functions are available through this access. This software makes an appropriate match for a person who like floating docks. Wows and ziggers appeal to work enthusiasts just as much as the design and build. Right there, you can browse a huge number of applications.
All of my different applications are easily accessible through Objectdock. Besides launching the applications quickly, I can use them easily also. These are products that I really love. I believe your personal information is also in good hands. A unique feature of the program is it is capable of disappearing when not in use, but showing up again when users use the program.
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