by Lex Li

An open source .NET obfuscator under MIT license

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lex Li

Release: Obfuscar 2.1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Obfuscar for Windows is a basic obfuscator for .NET assemblies. A few bits are not enough to rewrite the data, resulting in overloaded entries.Including data like properties, events, field types, and namespaces. A NET example is a group of methods, properties, events, and fields. Code is very hard to follow and shrinks in size when you do that. Basically, Obfuscar uses a scrambling technic to rename everything.

Operetta refers to intentional obfuscation, in essence, rearranging code by blurring it into a brain teaser in order for humans to understand it. Additionally, a larger code can be shrink wrapped with the same software, which makes upload easier and is also safer. Doing this helps prevent developers from being able to steal their codes, circumvent licensing requirements, or obtain information that the developer did not wish to reveal. An obfuscator is a similar tool used by malicious software to hide its true activities.

There are now two versions of Obfuscar available; the current release is number 2 and the previous release was version 1.x. The new Obfuscar is now compatible with this OS update.NET 4.This assembly is based on the latest Mono.Cecil library and is the 0 assemblies available. Developer communities such as GitHub provide access to the code.

Basic obfuscation to help secure secrets in coding

  • Added security
  • Shrinks the executable size of code
  • The new version supports .NET 4.0 assemblies
  • Easy to download from GitHub
  • Works for many platforms including mobile
In my experience, Obfuscar for Windows has such a handy and easy-to-use tool for altering data, which in this case is in use data that's compatible with.NET assemblies. It is possible to rewrite fields and namespaces along with properties and events as well. You will definitely have a better code quality than you would with traditional publishing methods because it compresses the size of your code, making the code unseeable through a human eyes.
Since its purpose is to perform obfuscator for particular assemblies, I enjoy obfuscator on Windows. These are the kind of things I have never imagined were possible, and I absolutely love them. A tech lover like me will love this.
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