O&O SpeedCheck

by O&O Software

It displays the current device speed and speeds up as well.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: O&O Software

Release: O&O SpeedCheck

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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O&O SpeedCheck runs with the Windows system elements in both the fragmented and defragmented condition. The device is measured in real time using two simulations of the speed, with an increased speed detected with the simulation. Upon clicking on the option for Defragmentation and others, the PC will display a showing that the process may contribute to accelerated behavior. does not create data but rather reads tests data that are available on the device itself, and the hard drive as well. As a standalone device, it functions as an analysis device, checking the device speed and performing an array of diagnostic tests to seek out any possible issues with performance, functionality, or anything else.

O&O SpeedCheck is very much a great application for all users, in that it readily and easily checks the speed of your device without the need to worry about anything slowing it down, as it identifies any potential lags. As the name implies, it performs both stages: it replicates defragmented files on top of them, and it reads continuously on the level above the defragmented files. Aside from this, read/write policies also govern this method of opening test files. The operations are run during this process to determine when exactly all the separated fragments will appear after a test file has been opened. O&O SpeedCheck functions like Windows and its reading of the device’s fragmented files to give you an accurate measure of speed. A quick way to find out what the device has been up, this program operates by measuring speed increases through various tests, which you run on numerous tests in an attempt to get an exact reading. As both a device and program speed application, I think the best choice for everyone and the best way to maintain productivity and efficiency.


Gives the user an accurate picture as to how the device's speed is measuring up
  • Speed simulation test
  • A precise picture of the speed of the device
  • Runs numerous tests for determination
  • Increases speed
  • Shows the amount of increase in device speed
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