O&O DiskRecovery

by O&O Software

A file and data recovery tool to recover files and data which have been lost permanently

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: O&O Software

Release: O&O DiskRecovery 12.0.63

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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O&O DiskRecovery 14 is a free Windows software program that is made for the function of professional data recovery. With its simple to use interface, it's easy to use. As a result, the tool provides capabilities for deep scanning entire drives, memory cards, or other external devices in order to locate files lost or deleted from them. Due to the ease of recovery it offers as well as a host of new tools and best practices, this program is perfect for those seeking a tool to recover permanently deleted files. Users will be able to recover as many files as they need, a Gold feature that is unusual with other programs. You can install, configure, and add users at a fast and easy pace.defined signatures. Windows 7 and 10 are supported by this application. You should seek this program out because it can either be used to retrieve lost files as a utility or as a means for protecting your data from being accidentally lost.These include hard drives that support BIOS, external storage with PCI and USB support, USB drives such as Digital Cameras, and additional external storage such as external drives. The previews of recovered files before actual recovery give an idea of how the image will look once it is restored. I think this program is a great solution if you are one of those situations when your drive has gone kapitalization, or just having a drive that is not functional anymore. It would be a great idea for all users, regardless of how they work or how they study, to look into this so it makes sense and offers valuable insight and applications to everyone who has files on their computer.

Unlimited file recovery as a gold feature

  • Allows for file and data recovery
  • Scans drive, external drives, and other peripheral devices
  • Preview recovered, lost files prior to recovery
  • Unlimited recovery of files
  • Simple and elegant interface
If you're looking for a way to recover your data in a way that's fast, easy, reliable, and secure, then check out O&O DiskRecovery for Windows. All hard disks and memory cards will be thoroughly swept using this tool in order to find information you would like to retrieve from them lost. One of its greatest assets is the ability to recognize more than 400 different types of files.
Life saving software: use this product.! If you happen to happen to delete documents on accident, you might want to try returning them. Working out, but always needing to have a family file. Using this feature, deleted files are identified and recovered; By making them available again, we want everyone to enjoy them. Everyone needs this! Every one of us feels like we have this problem somewhere in our lives.
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