O&O Defrag Free Edition

by O&O Software

A program that will help your computer run faster by optimizing the hardware.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: O&O Software

Release: O&O Defrag Free Edition 14.1.431

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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You can organize your data on your PC by using this software. Getting your PC to run smoothly has always been a challenge for many people. If the answer is no, you shouldn't use these programs. These applications can ensure your PC runs faster more quickly 100X. No matter what the age is of your computer, O&O can help to make it run like it is new all over again.


  • It can optimize all of the hard disks or SSDs that you may have
  • Dramatically increases the speed within your PC
  • Organizes all of your documents/files that are on a hard drive so that they can be found much quicker
  • With this optimization, the hardware within your PC will run much smoother. Reducing wear and tear is a benefit.!
  • A deparate approach means that certain types of memory cells have to be used instead of too many SSD memory cells. Otherwise, there is no way you can increase the number of memory cells. PCs are slower to function when these settings are used.

The benefits of having smooth computer are well and truly demonstrated for anyone who uses their PC regularly.When you're not at your best, a running machine can help. This defragmentation method has been proven to work miracles for many PCs throughout time. O&O can be adapted for any PC. Depending on the PC, the software used for this method can either expand the storage space by about 30% or by about 20%. What's more, as long as the hardware is protected, its lifespan can be greatly extended.

Up to 100% faster PC speed

As mentioned above, the software can clean up your computer. This is a brand new feature, O&O DiskCleaner, that identifies redundant files that are taking up far more space than they need to. This process will result in a smooth user interface as well as better security of your computer. You will have less chance of hacking your personal information since you will be able to use this software safely.

All the data bits running in your PC's hardware will be scattered throughout Windows when you save it. PC access times have been negatively impacted by this, because it's very inconvenient. Unless you intend it to do a lot, a PC with an older model may be exacerbate due to this problem. By performing a defragmentation of the software, this data is better organized, which makes the device operate more efficiently.

O&O Defrag Edition for Windows, seems like a great app, EXCEPT..... it's actually NOT. Windows made other stuff from their programming free, but this is really the junk they left behind when they were in charge of their computing environment. They made other stuff available free of charge, so others can use it, just not in their daily lives in the way that Windows does.
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