O&O Defrag 2000 Freeware

by O&O Software

An automatic program that optimizes performance by clearing the registry of errors.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: O&O Software

Release: O&O Defrag 2000 Freeware Freeware

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Defragmenter is a program that accelerates the speed of the computers by removing debris from the registry. Errors or other lag issues in your registry do not slow your computers or cause them to run slowly. Users can increase the speed and optimize the performance of their computers with this program. Document users can organize files by dividing documents and arranging them on different disks. Furthermore, it ensures that your drive stays running smoothly and flowing during all of its operating cycles to prevent any performance limitations or problems it may suffer from. In addition to speeding up your software, you'll also notice your CPU is less cluttered and you'll see that your programs are running smoothly.

Thus it is ideal for users who rely on their computers to maintain or fix their drives, as well as those who have an issue with their drives because of lags or other problems.

It is an all-in-one program that offers different capabilities, resulting in significantly improved performance from both your drive and device for all users. I would highly recommend the program and think it could be helpful to many users. This program has very easy to use and intuitive configure features. Moreover, it boosts memory, the main function of the program.

Boosts memory and keeps processes running smoothly

  • Defragment program to prevent errors and to lag
  • Optimize your drive
  • Keep apps running smoothly.
  • Keeps memory-optimized
  • Simple and elegant interface
Thanks to this software, you can remove as many Windows operating systems as possible, including Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 10. This is one of the best reasons why it is free to download. It is also very small. Having it has several languages is also a plus, as could its Vietnamese feature. There is nothing better than this to begin a day.The old software was too slow and outdated to be updated.
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